Better Javascript with Gulp, Mocha, Istanbul and Codeclimate

It’s not always easy to know if you’re writing good, robust code if you don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder and telling you how you could do things better.

This is where Codeclimate comes in to play!

Code Climate

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The Apple Watch : A First Impression


Our first Apple Watch arrived in the office in all its glory.  This called for an unboxing ceremony, which we executed like a bunch of kids huddled up the night before Christmas. I kid, but not really!  Continue reading

Mothers Day

This Sunday is Mothers Day, and every year, it seems we’re scrambling to the last minute to find a great way to spend time with our mothers, or figuring out what to give our mothers, to make them smile and to let them know we love and appreciate everything they have done throughout our lives. Though most Mothers Day blog posts are about gift ideas or places to eat with our moms, I thought of a different way to appreciate our moms — I’ve asked the team here at O&O to share photos of their moms below.


Baby Jess and Mom

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May the 4th Be With You.

It’s Star Wars Day, and the Force is strong in Downtown LA. Whether you drive a car, bike, Death Star, or ride the bus, check out how some of the surrounding parking lots have been reimagined to accommodate some of the Galaxy’s most preferred modes of transport.


Parallel parking the Millennium Falcon is by no means an easy feat. Hence, why it’s given its own VIP spot.
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Star Wars Propaganda Posters

The countdown to Star Wars Day continues. Here are some vintage propaganda posters inspired by the Dark Side.

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Vintage Travel Posters from the Imperial Tourism Bureau

Star Wars Day is right around the corner, so make sure you book your travel stay through the Imperial Tourism Bureau at one of our premiere tourist destinations!


With its crisp alpine air, mountain vistas, and lush meadows, Alderaan boasts perfect temperatures year-round.

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It seems marketers know no boundaries when they want their message to be seen. Our skyline is punctuated with giant and blatant billboards, even the seats we rest upon on public transit or at a bus shelter are repurposed with solicitations, and our streets are littered with discarded flyers, brochures, menus, when they aren’t stuffed under the windshield wiper blades of parked cars. It seems that public space is not even public space anymore, it has to be a canvas for companies to brand and deface and claim as their own. We want to take back our urban landscape, and fight back against careless and inconsiderate advertising. Let’s encourage campaigns to be thoughtful, to be creative, to be conscious of storytelling, to be respectful of their physical context and their audience, when they have to be incorporated into our user experience.

Where would you like to forego “BADvertising”? We’re starting a conversation about invasive, inelegant, and downright ugly solicitations disrupting our user experiences digitally and physically. Will it relent? (And who is courageous enough to stick these stickers on such atrocities? Email us at

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THE REAL Apple Watch Unboxing

Our Apple Watch came in the mail yesterday! Watch Romain and Jeff unbox it and fight over who gets to wear it first.

Copy Shop Tuesday: Happy Cubicle Day!


We don’t have cubicles at O+O but if we did, we’d probably be celebrating Cubicle Day by improving our cube Feng Shui, or engaging in a full on Nerf gun battle siege. Designed by Robert Propst and known for a complete absence of individuality, cubicles were first introduced in 1967 as a way to subdivide open office space and provide workers with a degree of privacy.

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Projection LA : Abandoned Derelict Motel is Transformed Into Haunting Art Piece


Yesterday, nearly 4,000 people RSVP’ed to the official “opening” of Projection LA. On April 26, 2015, the adjacent residential street of Bates in the East Hollywood neighborhood Silver Lake was blocked off for viewers to marvel at the installation up close.

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Three New Apple Watch Ads

Happy Apple Watch Launch Day! As we eagerly await our delivery, we’ve been watching the three new 60-second spots released today, which do their best to display the features of the watch in a seamless montage of beautiful users using the device to wake up, exercise, and be in a relationship. But even at their most successful moments, they’re stretched. Still, we can’t wait to put these babies on our wrists!

“Rise” is the first ad, which shows how the watch is integrated into the morning routines of all the watch-wearers. You’ll see a guy hit the snooze button on his alarm clock, a woman misses her train, another turns on the lights of her shop, while another girl gulps down her coffee as she gets a calendar alert on her wrist.

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A Beacon Case Study.

Beacons have been the basis for our latest Lab projects, but in order to take these products to the next level, we had to take them to the streets, first.

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