OwnZones Offering All Access to All Subscribers

We’re thrilled to announce that OwnZones now offers free access to all content for a limited time. Our has been developing the product and we’re excited about this new offer. For those of you not in the know yet, OwnZones is a content platform that gives users access to premium content without the intrusion of ads on a subscription model. Getting started is easy over at the OwnZones homepage, or you can check out the full write-up over at Yahoo! Finance.

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4 HTML5 APIs to Improve Your Web Apps

The HTML5 revolution has brought many useful tools and new APIs with it, but despite new features being implemented in modern browsers, many developers are still unaware of some of those gems. In this post we will take a look at 4 APIs that will help you build web applications more efficiently and offer better user experiences, especially on mobile. As you’ll see, support for these features is more widespread than you might think!
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Story is Still King – A Dark Room

A Dark Room
Over the weekend, I stumbled upon A Dark Room, an interesting little text adventure for the iPhone. The game has gotten a lot of praise from different sources and playing it got me thinking about narrative.
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A Walk Through The Petersen Car Museum

We stopped by The Petersen CarMuseum the other day to have a look around. There were a ton of great things to see there, so we took a few snaps to share out favorite ones.

Click on each picture for a larger version.


Rocket Car

Old School

Chauffeur Rules


Mach 5

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April Fools’ Across the Internet

April Fools'
It’s the one day of the year when it’s A-OK to replace your co-worker’s desktop background with wacky pictures and tech companies show off their senses of humor. Here are our favorite pranks from April Fools’.
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Keep It Practical

Don't Use This
Content is rarely as glamorous as concept but at the end of the day it’s just as integral to the campaigns you work on. So how can you get the most mileage out of the down and dirty writing? That’s going to differ project to project, but there are some basic rules you can follow to make sure your writing doesn’t fall into the usual traps.
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Downtown Test Flights

Here are two videos of paper plane trial runs from the roof. One is a little bit more successful than the other.

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Android Wear Developer Preview

With Google’s Announcement Tuesday that Android is moving into wearables, it’s an exciting time for developers looking to get into the space. The Android Wear Developer Preview shows off what is possible on the platform and is sure to set some off sparks for technological innovation. If you’re as excited about Android Wear as we are, you can sign up for access to the preview and the SDK here.

Android Wear

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Five Free Writing Tools

Five Free Writing Tools
The most important (and often hardest) part of writing is sitting down and doing it. It’s easier said than done, as I’m sure you know. However, you might as well set yourself up for success so you can quickly iterate on your failures. Here are a few free tools that I use to keep everything moving, even when I’m not.
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What is “Good” Typography?

What is Good Typography?
Many people get confused when it comes to picking a font or typeface mostly because they lack understanding and knowledge of typography. As a designer, I have dealt with clients who love display fonts, usually the free ones that you find on dafont. Now, I don’t have any problem with display fonts. They are called display fonts for a reason and aren’t used as if they were DIN or Baskerville; however, there are still a set of rules that you should follow. I have listed the attributes that I believe make a “good” typeface below.
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