Today, Uber announced an ice-cream filled event in Los Angeles and 144 other cities! The team at Oskoui+Oskoui decided to experience this excitement.

Uber gave out up to 5 ice cream and “Uber swag”, which was a pair of customized Uber sunglasses.

Customized Uber Sunglasses

Ice Cream of Our Choice

Uber Driver

A Cooler Filled With Ice Cream

Flo and the Uber Flag

Group Photo

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Positioning-Roulette: A Simple Tool for Building Brand Stories

Positioning-RouletteIf you’re struggling to come up with a brand positioning for your product or client, Positioning-Roulette is an ideation tool from Ulli Appelbaum that is designed to elevate your strategic thinking. The objective of Positioning-Roulette is to “stimulate creativity and help… find new solutions, make new connections, and look at your brand and category from a new perspective.” Though currently in Beta (which definitely shows), the utility can be helpful in providing you with a bird’s eye view of the strategic strengths and weaknesses in the positioning of your product.
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Made with Code – Sparking Tech Creativity in Girls

Made with Code, Google’s latest project, is a massive collaboration with a host of outside organizations geared towards getting girls interested in coding. It’s described by Google as “an initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once.”
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Catchafire – Talent x Purpose

If you’re looking to use your professional skills to help out some nonprofit organizations, Catchafire is the perfect match. Catchafire matches nonprofit organizations that need awesome talent to help them with specific projects. So if you feel like giving back, check out their manifesto below and get cracking on some work for social good. They have a wide range of projects that need different skill sets, so there’s probably something right up your alley, whatever that is.
Catchafire Manifesto

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Longhand 3.0 – Awards for Words

Longhand 3.0
Longhand is an advertising awards show based in India that firmly stands against the belief that “long copy is dead.” In its 3rd year, the contest features several briefs and judges from both the UK and India. As you might guess, the judging of the contest is based on the craft of the written word rather than stunning visuals.

This year’s clients are National Geographic, Concern India, and Zee Media Corporation Limited. Winning work gets paid and has the chance to run in the client’s campaign. At the very least, submitting is a chance to use an oft forgotten but incredibly important tool in the writer’s arsenal.

If you need inspiration, here’s what made the cut in 2013.
Submissions are due May 31st.

Check out their promotional posters below. You can click each image for a larger version.
Poster 1
Poster 2

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The Newest Member of the Team

Out with the Old
There is truly no greater existential horror than an office without caffeine. Productivity slows, development shutters, and creative nearly mutinies. When our old faithful coffee maker finally stopped living up to its name, we had to bring in a new one. After an extensive interview process, we’d like to formally welcome the newest member of the Oskoui+Oskoui team: The Breville Barista Express™.
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Movie Posters Over the Years

Dante's Inferno
With the invention of motion-picture cameras, a new age of inspiration and creativity was born. Though film began in the 1890s, cinema became a large hit in the 1920s, largely to escape the harsh realities of the Great Depression (cinema was a cheap form of entertainment). It was also the time when sound was added to film, making it a lot more appealing to the mass. To market the film, posters were designed and created for the public to see.
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STAR WARS – May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars Infographics
Happy Star Wars Day! We thought we’d bring back our Star Wars infographics and propaganda posters to join in on the festivities.
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STAR WARS – Travel Posters

Here’s another post from a long, long time ago in our lead up to Star Wars day this Sunday. If you’re planning a long weekend some time soon, why not take a look through some of these galactic travel ads before you book?
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STAR WARS – An Empire Divided by Debt

In another lead up to May the 4th, here’s an article from the Coruscant Journal we featured in a blog a long, long time ago.

Click here to view the article in its entirety. Advertising Content Development Film and TV Graphics: