Three New Apple Watch Ads

Happy Apple Watch Launch Day! As we eagerly await our delivery, we’ve been watching the three new 60-second spots released today, which do their best to display the features of the watch in a seamless montage of beautiful users using the device to wake up, exercise, and be in a relationship. At their most successful moments, they’re stretched. But we still can’t wait to put these on our wrists.

“Rise” is the first ad, which shows how the watch is integrated into the morning routines of all the watch-wearers. You’ll see a guy hit the snooze button on his alarm clock, a woman misses her train, another turns on the lights of her shop, while another girl gulps down her coffee as she gets a calendar alert on her wrist.

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A Beacon Case Study.

Beacons have been the basis for our latest Lab projects, but in order to take these products to the next level, we had to take them to the streets, first.



O&O is thrilled to announce issue no. 1.0 of our zine, THE FEED.

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Apple Watch

Apple Watch

 Sustainable. Minimalist. Eco-Friendly.  

Art Directed and Shot by Emma Choy-Brown
Concept and Construction by Emma Choy-Brown and Alexis Justman

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Apple Watch Unboxing and Demo


Directed and Shot by Emma Choy-Brown, Written and Produced by Alexis Justman.

2015 AIGA Y Design Conference


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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, just another neighborhood aerial film stunt. NBD.

OYE OYE It’s Eiffel Tower Day!

The inauguration of the Eiffel Tower happened 126 years ago to the day!
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Now Trending: The Breakfast War

Unbeknownst to me, I have been a communist all along.

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Happy Birthday, Charlie and Happy Puppy Day!

fullsizerender_676x900Well, it’s National Puppy Day and also I’m proud to say my dog, Charlie’s Birthday.

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National Quilt Day & CAFAM

IMG_3879National Quilt Day  was March 21st, and I spent it at the Craft and Folk Art Museum falling in love with all these man-made quilts. And by man-made, I mean that quite literally: Every single piece was constructed by a contemporary male quilt artist, and these were NOT your grannie’s patchworks. It was really awesome to see some contemporary masculine artists express themselves through textiles, which is a medium I’m very passionate about because of how much potential it has to function as texture, art, utility, and economic resourcefulness.

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TUTORIAL: Intro to gulp js: Installing gulp and creating a task

gulpGulp is a build system that takes files in, modifies them and then returns the modified files for use in your project. Gulp can be used to do things like concatenate and compress javascript files, compress images, compile sass back to css and much more.

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