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The Annual LA Art Book Fair

The annual book fair took place this past weekend at the MOCA Geffen in Little Tokyo. As usual, the place was packed and filled with work of all kinds from creatives. If you missed this year’s event, you can always try next year!

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Inspirational Books to Read


In a time where everything is within our grasp within seconds, information is now watered down, dim, and easily acquired. It has become boring and such a routine because everything is “Googled.” The best way to become inspired, in my personal experience, is to get away from the computer. Start reading, look at print, go outside, talk to strangers (as uncomfortable as it is), and start exploring.

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Weekly Recap: Everyone is drunk on the Internet, apparently.

Something is buzzing abouts the Interwebs, and that is drunk people who think they are HILARIOUS. First there was that married couple’s video of them getting hammered, telling the story of how they first met, and hiring their friends to act it out a la “Drunk History” style. It went viral almost instantly, garnering a gazillion views in under three days.


Now, Buzzfeed posted a video of Shoshana Bean’s drunk narration of the musical that made her a household Broadway name, “Wicked.” It is what exactly you’d expect from a drunk musical theatre actress.

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Discover a Tale of Two Outbreaks in The Strain

The Strain - A Tale of Two Outbreaks
With the release of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD, as well as the popular television series renewal for another 13 episode season, there’s no better time than now to relive the horror of the show. A Tale of Two Outbreaks chronicles The Strain’s most important moments in the television show and compares them its graphic novel counterpart, showcasing the differences and similarities in both adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s original novel about the vampire outbreak while also featuring exclusive content from the home entertainment release of The Strain.

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Opening the Oculus Rift

We’re stoked that our Oculus Rift development kit has finally arrived and we can begin exploring the possibilities of the VR machine. See what’s inside the box in the video or check out the pictures below.
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Fun with iPhone 6’s Slow Motion Feature

The iPhone 6’s slow motion capabilities are put to good use by our development team.

Beyond Trailers: Memorable Video Game Advertising

The video game hype machine generally sticks to a pretty standard formula. Lots of gameplay footage spliced with CGI trailers seems to be standard operating procedure for getting the word out about new games. However, sometimes gaming companies go beyond the simple footage trailer, creating commercials that promote their games in more creative ways than recording their own finished product. Below is a list of some famous and successful video game commercials (there’s even one console in there) that we think are stellar.
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Grab Props from the How I Met Your Mother Prop-erty Vault

There are tons of great props up for grabs in the huge How I Met Your Mother sweepstakes. If you’re a fan of the show, now is a great time to take home a piece of How I Met Your Mother and television history. Here are a few of our favorites from the sweepstakes!
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Today, Uber announced an ice-cream filled event in Los Angeles and 144 other cities! The team at Oskoui+Oskoui decided to experience this excitement.

Uber gave out ice cream and “Uber swag,” which was a pair of customized Uber sunglasses.
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Positioning-Roulette: A Simple Tool for Building Brand Stories

Positioning-RouletteIf you’re struggling to come up with a brand positioning for your product or client, Positioning-Roulette is an ideation tool from Ulli Appelbaum that is designed to elevate your strategic thinking. The objective of Positioning-Roulette is to “stimulate creativity and help… find new solutions, make new connections, and look at your brand and category from a new perspective.” Though currently in Beta (which definitely shows), the utility can be helpful in providing you with a bird’s eye view of the strategic strengths and weaknesses in the positioning of your product.
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Made with Code – Sparking Tech Creativity in Girls

Made with Code, Google’s latest project, is a massive collaboration with a host of outside organizations geared towards getting girls interested in coding. It’s described by Google as “an initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once.”
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Catchafire – Talent x Purpose

If you’re looking to use your professional skills to help out some nonprofit organizations, Catchafire is the perfect match. Catchafire matches nonprofit organizations that need awesome talent to help them with specific projects. So if you feel like giving back, check out their manifesto below and get cracking on some work for social good. They have a wide range of projects that need different skill sets, so there’s probably something right up your alley, whatever that is.
Catchafire Manifesto

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