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One Millennial’s Apology: “I’m Sorry We Suck”


As of the last few years, the term “millennial” has been used a lot, and usually with a negative connotation. As a 23 year old millennial or Generation Y, I constantly hear complaints about my generation.

Though I am part of the Millennial age group, I feel a good amount of disconnect from majority of the stereotypes based off the “studies” being done. I find it strange that a fairly wide age and cultural demographic (18-34 year olds) is generalized into one category with a lot of stereotypes that don’t always ring true. People come from different cultural backgrounds, upbringings, wealth, and consist of varying ages, and one may not relate well with others. Nonetheless, I have heard many generalizations of how messed up we millennials are.

So, I decided to be narcissistic for a day and made a small list of my favorite millennial stereotypes below.

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Los Angeles Design Festival


Los Angeles is well known for diversity, whether that be racial, cultural, or in the workforce–more specifically, the creative industry. Think Disney, Dreamworks, Paramount, Universal — LA is a hub for creativity. Aside from larger corporations, there is a significant amount of smaller design studios, firms, ad agencies, and creative companies that make up LA’s rich art, culture, and creative scene.

LA Design Festival is a collaborative citywide convention, where  design-related events (that can be product design, architecture, graphic design, etc.) take place and are hosted by  design/creative firms and open to the public (for some events, ticket purchases/RSVP are required). This year, there are studio tours and open houses, house tours (McKinley House, Venice House, etc.), pop-ups, and more! The LA Design Festival takes place from May 28th until June 14. To check out the events schedule, visit:

Mothers Day

This Sunday is Mothers Day, and every year, it seems we’re scrambling to the last minute to find a great way to spend time with our mothers, or figuring out what to give our mothers, to make them smile and to let them know we love and appreciate everything they have done throughout our lives. Though most Mothers Day blog posts are about gift ideas or places to eat with our moms, I thought of a different way to appreciate our moms — I’ve asked the team here at O&O to share photos of their moms below.


Baby Jess and Mom

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Falling in Love with AI

ai_coverOver the weekend, there was buzz about a recent marketing stunt. Ex Machina, a sci-fi thriller about an experiment involving the first true A.I. named Ava, has a profile on Tinder. Users swipe to the right to connect with her and she responds.

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Free Museum Day: January 31, 2015

The annual free museum admission day in Southern California falls on Saturday, January 31st (with a few exceptions falling on Feb 1) in celebration of “Museums Free-For-All” program.

There are plenty of participating museums this year, from Los Angeles County Museum of Art to the California Science Center.

Though this does not apply to special exhibitions (general admissions only), it’s worth checking out the many free museums!

View the list of participating museums here.

2015 LA Art Book Fair

Another large creative event is coming up, and it’s taking place at the MOCA Geffen (Little Tokyo, Los Angeles) on January 29th – February 1st.
The 3rd annual Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair is a large event that many graphic designers attend to view and purchase inspiring, creative work. The fair kicks off on Thursday, January 29 (Preview Night — tickets required) and opens up to the public starting Friday, January 30. The fair continues until February 1.
The full schedule can be found here.
Hurry! Prints run out quickly!

The Cute Culture in Products

Cute Culture
Growing up in the US while constantly being exposed to the East-Asia’s “culture of cute” was a clash of two opposite worlds. In America, businesses are more focused on making their products look “cool” or “slick” to sell. A well known example is Apple – their products are designed to be minimalist, straight-forward, and reflect “cool” for Western culture. Overseas in Eastern-Asia such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, many products focus on “cute” and “colorful” to appeal to the general public.
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Movie Posters Over the Years

Dante's Inferno
With the invention of motion-picture cameras, a new age of inspiration and creativity was born. Though film began in the 1890s, cinema became a large hit in the 1920s, largely to escape the harsh realities of the Great Depression (cinema was a cheap form of entertainment). It was also the time when sound was added to film, making it a lot more appealing to the mass. To market the film, posters were designed and created for the public to see.
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What is “Good” Typography?

What is Good Typography?
Many people get confused when it comes to picking a font or typeface mostly because they lack understanding and knowledge of typography. As a designer, I have dealt with clients who love display fonts, usually the free ones that you find on dafont. Now, I don’t have any problem with display fonts. They are called display fonts for a reason and aren’t used as if they were DIN or Baskerville; however, there are still a set of rules that you should follow. I have listed the attributes that I believe make a “good” typeface below.
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