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“Victoria” at The Kino International

Finally settling back into reality after a whirlwind summer of travel, I can finally hear my thoughts again, and especially the ones circling the most memorable moments of the season. When traveling in Germany for the first time, I didn’t really have any special agenda of tourist activities to check off a list, and kept my mind open to whatever was thrown at me. With the exception of wanting to take out a rowboat in Hamburg, the only thing I had on any sort of “sight-seeing list” was to see a German movie at the cinema. As a cineaste, it was my request to explore a foreign cinema and perhaps the feeling of watching a movie that I wouldn’t understand through language, but could try to understand through visual empathy. Through conversations with a few Berliners, we decided to see the film, “Victoria,” which had just come out, and since it was about a Spanish girl in Berlin, it was mostly in English— considered the “international” language. I was told there would be bits I wouldn’t understand, but overall it was easy to follow… of course, it would be nice to have a German with you to translate, but not necessary. We took the train to the Kino International, about to embark on one of the most memorable cinema experiences I’ve ever had.


The Kino International, 1964

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My Moddah Wen Pack One Bento for Me

Growing up in Minnesota, having Hawaiian roots is rare. My mother would pack me bento boxes of plate lunch (rice, macaroni salad, teriyaki chicken or fish, and maybe some spam musubi) and I would go skipping off to school, anticipating the tasty meal but dreading having anyone else see or smell it. My childhood peers didn’t quite understand the style of my lunch box, and often made fun of it by making gagging sounds at the lunch table. To me, it was not only delicious, but also a connection to my mother’s homeland.

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Selfie Nation


Over the centuries, the self-portrait has lived in the world as a clear portrayal of self-expression. From Frida Kahlo, who painted endless portraits of herself, to Chuck Close, who used photography of his visage, to now Kim Kardashian, who has published a rather large photo book of only Selfies— people have created their own narratives and sense-of-self through this form of visual representation. Even cave men drew pictures on their walls of themselves in action, expressing their daily life.

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When someone mentions a certain movie, it’s hard for me not to instantly think of the poster that came with it. These images are almost burned in my brain when recalling its mood, what it’s about, or who is in it. The entertainment industry is fully aware of how important these posters are for promotion of their product, as they should, because the well-crafted design of movie posters help set the tone for the film’s initial release, drawing in their audiences, as well as their visual place in movie history. These images have become iconic to an era, and one man who is responsible for well over 135 of these classic images is John Alvin.

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