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New League of Legends iPhone App: Valoran Daily

Exciting day in the office (and for the League of Legends community) as we release Valoran Daily, an app made to track all of your favorite League of Legends stats! Track your head-to-head battles and the ever-expanding roster of champions with this great app. Check out our new FREE app on the App Store!

RIP PRINCE (1958-2016)

Prince Rogers Nelson died this morning in his home in Chanhassen, MN.  Prince was a true artist and revolutionary. His genius was other-worldly. Not only is he a major source of pride for my hometown, and a hero of the Midwest, but loved all over the world as one of the greatest musicians ever.  He could never be forgotten. I hope to take on some of his fearlessness. It is a truly sad day, but perhaps he’s just back on his home planet, sexily laughing and tossing his hair…

Thank you, Prince, for all you have given us.


prince cream rip prince

prince purple rain
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prince give it to me sexiest man
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Got the January Blues? Let A Dog Lick You.


In Los Angeles and feeling like you need some cleansing, healing, or therapy? Then come have your wound licked at this art show.

Dogs are known for licking their wounds, as it’s supposed to expedite healing. For the most part, at least in modern culture, dog saliva as a wound-healer is pretty unheard of and drool in general is considered germy, gross, and dirty, when it comes to humans. What if I told you that in ancient times, dogs were considered sacred, and their slobber could heal you from whatever ails you physically, spiritually, or psychologically? A quick Wikipedia search brings up a list of dogs cited in religion, from Christianity, to Hindu, to Aztec, and more. In this art exhibit, Matt Wardell explores the Asclepeion, the sacred temple where Ancient Greeks and Romans would journey to in search of healing. And yes, dog slobber was involved, and it worked.

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Saying Goodbye to Major Tom

David Robert Jones (aka David Bowie)
Jan. 8, 1947 – Jan. 10, 2016


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Shaker Philosophy Meets UX Design

As we sweep away the confetti and pour the first Monday cup of coffee, combing through all the accumulated unread emails and holiday e-cards, let’s take a minute to focus all this kinetic energy toward the blank slate ahead and all its twinkling promise.

The (1)

There’s a quote that circulates the design sphere that dates back to the 1700s when the Shaker community (a small religious group founded in 18th century England) were inventing small, simple, and durable furniture, along with the circular saw, the washing machine, and the flat broom. I’ve carried this quote with me as my own personal career, design, and lifestyle philosophy, but to be honest, I haven’t always adhered to it. That is, until 2015, which certainly felt like a year-long Spring cleaning of my closets (thanks, KonMari!) and social life (un-friending can be a cleansing ritual in itself, try it!).  So when it came to the annual regrouping and prioritizing what kinds of work I want to make in 2016, I went back to the moleskins of my college years and found the Shaker philosophy, which rang especially poignant after the lessons we learned from the Apple Watch and 2015 UX projects.

Happy 2016. Let’s make wonderful things, and let’s make sure they are necessary. Let them be useful. And let’s never hesitate to make them beautiful–Outstanding, even.


On the Eighth Day of Star Wars, My Wookie Gave to Me…

The cast of Star Wars on Tinder.



Insert manscaping joke here.

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New Apple TV Spot: The Future of Television? Hardly.

Apple released its new television ad for Apple TV today. The concept is beautiful, and features a television test bar pattern motif that serve as windows to some of the featured titles and programs available on the platform.

While the spot is mesmerizing to watch and artfully executed, I feel like it isn’t really representative of what the ad claims this is: The Future of Television. All of the snippets highlighted in the commercial are shows and movies we’re familiar with, that are already readily available on apps and platforms we’ve been using for years. And on top of that, it feels awkwardly repetitive. Granted, there are brief glimpses into what Siri can do and what kinds of apps lend to interactivity (such as the Gilt app and games), but they come late and don’t seem deliberate.  I feel like this is another contrived attempt to merge existing technologies into something we don’t need (ahem, the Apple Watch) and claim that this is the next big thing.

On the First Day of Star Wars, my Wookie Gave to Me…

A Star Wars Tribute Ballet

You guys. Han and Leia in a pas de deux like never before. And those little baby ewoks? Can you even?!

(As if you couldn’t tell ,we’re counting down to the theatrical release of The Force Awakens (which is December 18th, for those of you living under a rock) and devoting our blog to the #12DaysOfStarWars.)


TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Move focus to and from a custom keyboard’s search field and the third party app’s text field – iOS SWIFT

Happy Tutorial Tuesday! Last week I had to create a keyboard extension for iOS that displays images and a search bar to be able to search for certain images. I looked up several tutorials, everything seemed straight forward… Until I started typing in the search and I couldn’t get the focus back on the the third party app (msg / or any other app). The nightmare began! Continue reading


The O&O Lab is stoked to announce the launch of our latest creation, GIFSCAPADE! The keyboard that lets you search, copy, and paste animated GIFs directly into your conversations so you can express how you really feel.



screen322x572screen322x572-2 screen322x572-1


Click here to download GIFSCAPADE!

An Online Holiday Gift Guide For Gifts That Give Back


Before you suit up for the chaos that is BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY, or whatever, you need to pause and consider:

Every dollar you spend is a vote.

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The Future of Television Presents: Ads of The Past


Here are some vintage Apple TV ads, idk.

Netflix & ChillResponsibly!

A friendly reminder this Holiday Season from your friends at Apple TV.


Apple TV and you, and all your friends. Home is where it’s at.


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