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New League of Legends iPhone App: Valoran Daily

Exciting day in the office (and for the League of Legends community) as we release Valoran Daily, an app made to track all of your favorite League of Legends stats! Track your head-to-head battles and the ever-expanding roster of champions with this great app. Check out our new FREE app on the App Store!


Congratulations, CJ ! The winner of the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Today’s “GIF of the Day” was dedicated to you– who’s a good boy?!?


Check out our other GIFs here !! Or download Gifscapade from the App store to get your own keyboard, including all our GIFs and plenty more from

Inspiration from Ira Glass

I came across this inspiring little video shortly after the New Year and it completely blew me away. It features an excerpt from an interview featuring Ira Glass, the host and producer of the wonderful radio show “This American Life” on NPR.  In the interview, Glass offers up some sound advice for someone starting out in broadcast journalism, but his words will resonate with anyone working in a creative field. As a graphic designer, this short video hit me pretty hard and it perfectly encapsulates how I feel towards my own work.  Oh, and the motion graphics and typography are pretty slick, too!

2015 Y Conference – AIGA San Diego


The 20th annual Y Conference held by AIGA San Diego is just around the corner. This two-day event brings together some of today’s biggest designers and influencers in the field of graphic design; it promises to be a weekend packed with creativity, inspiration, and learning. The conference will be held at the beautiful Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice on the campus of the University of San Diego on March 27th and 28th.

Every year, the conference’s speakers’ panel attracts some of the biggest names in the design world and this year is no different: Michael Bierut of Pentagram, Gail Anderson of Anderson Newton Design, and Brian Gartside just to name a few. In addition to the wonderful talks and the opportunity to meet some of today’s biggest up and coming designers, the conference also offers a slew of valuable workshops. Referred to as “Thinkshops,” attendees can dabble in everything from calligraphy to block printing. You’ll surely find something to help get your creative juices flowing.

So get your ticket early and come geek out on all things design!

For more information visit:

Double The Pleasure, Double The Sun. Visit Kepler-16b!

We are loving the JPL initiative “PlanetQuest” Exoplanet Travel Series, featuring a beautifully illustrated set of some of the universe’s most eligible travel destinations. Naturally, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the sci-fi version we released for the planets of Star Wars. I’ve chosen Kepler-16b as my favorite, if only for the double sunset similar to Tatooine. However, it should be noted that Kepler-16b also features a slightly less habitable climate, similar to the surface and temperature of dry ice. Yikes.

Movie Posters Over the Years

Dante's Inferno
With the invention of motion-picture cameras, a new age of inspiration and creativity was born. Though film began in the 1890s, cinema became a large hit in the 1920s, largely to escape the harsh realities of the Great Depression (cinema was a cheap form of entertainment). It was also the time when sound was added to film, making it a lot more appealing to the mass. To market the film, posters were designed and created for the public to see.
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STAR WARS – May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars Infographics
Happy Star Wars Day! We thought we’d bring back our Star Wars infographics and propaganda posters to join in on the festivities.
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STAR WARS – An Empire Divided by Debt

In another lead up to May the 4th, here’s an article from the Coruscant Journal we featured in a blog a long, long time ago.

Click here to view the article in its entirety.

STAR WARS – Imperial Propaganda Posters

Star Wars Propaganda Posters
Episode VII was cast today and May the Fourth is approaching again this Sunday so we thought we’d revisit our Imperial Propaganda posters because we’re stoked on both!
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What is “Good” Typography?

What is Good Typography?
Many people get confused when it comes to picking a font or typeface mostly because they lack understanding and knowledge of typography. As a designer, I have dealt with clients who love display fonts, usually the free ones that you find on dafont. Now, I don’t have any problem with display fonts. They are called display fonts for a reason and aren’t used as if they were DIN or Baskerville; however, there are still a set of rules that you should follow. I have listed the attributes that I believe make a “good” typeface below.
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Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful
We live in an environment overloaded with information. Our environment is supposed to keep us informed through signs and instructions. However, the way most information is presented is messy. The signs that are supposed to help us end up confusing us, and the signs that are clear usually end up looking ugly.
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Existentialist Candy Hearts

Existentialist Candy Hearts
Everybody does Valentine’s Day in their own way, but how do you find the perfect gift for that special brooding philosopher in your life? These existentialist candy hearts might be the best way to get across your affection for them and your appreciation for their philosophy of the meaningless nature of existence. And candy.
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