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Frozen – Kingdom Chocolatier

Kingdom Chocolatier
A poster from Disney’s Frozen showing off Arendelle’s chocolate. Looks like a treat.

American Horror Story Optical Illusions

American Horror Story - Main
Stare deeper into American Horror Story by checking out these stareables and their afterimages.
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It’s Always Sunny – Toxicology Reports

What would The Gang from It’s Always Sunny learn about their bodies at their yearly physicals (as if they went to them)? Click below to see the rest!
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MINIMALLY – The Movie Trivia App of Minimalist Posters for iPhone and iPad

Minimally+ On iTunes Now!
Out on the iOS app store today, Minimally is a challenging movie trivia game where you identify minimalist movie posters of classic films. Things start off easy, but as you progress through more and more levels, the questions get tougher to answer. If you get stuck, you can always share the question with your friends or use in-game hints to reveal the answer.

You can find out more about Minimally on its official website, or you can check it out in the iTunes app store!

Quotably 2.0 – Movie Quotes Quiz Hits the App Store

Quotably 2.0
Quotably 2.0 is out today with significant updates to content and gameplay!

Check it out on the App Store today and see how well you know famous movie quotes.

QUOTABLY – The Movie Quotes Game for iOS

Out in the iOS app store today, find out how well you know the most famous movie lines of all time with Quotably, the movie quote trivia game for iPhone and iPad. Move your way up through levels of different quotes from all genres of movies, unlocking quote cards as you go. If you need help, share them with your friends to find the right answer.

Glitch Art (Part 2: Photoshop Raw Glitch)

It’s time for Part 2 of do-it-yourself Glitch tutorials! Click here to read Part 1 – The Basic Databend. This one is a little more complicated, but still fun and easy to do, with amazing results!
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Glitch Art (Part 1: The Basic Databend)

Watch out, post-postmodernism, there’s a new art movement in town! “Glitch Art” is taking the web by storm. The concept of glitch art is simple: In a world of innovative technology, glitching explores the beauty of faults, bugs, and glitches in digital files.

[TUTORIAL] How To Choose Between Four Color Or Spot Color Printing

Printing Main
During a recent project, I ran into some bumps while prepping an Adobe Illustrator file for a printer. After a bit of research, I was able to answer a lot of my own questions regarding the differences between a Four Color Printing and Spot Color Printing. I’ve decided to take that experience and translate it into a few tips that will hopefully help anyone faced with a similar situation.
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Green Tea Kit-Kats

Kit-Kat Packing
Here’s something you don’t see often! These are Green Tea Kit Kats that I picked up recently on a brief stop in Japan.
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How to Survive 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity

The Buddy System
It’s easy to get confused by vampires, zombies, or any number of other creatures. Here are some typography posters from 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to help you get acquainted with and survive a whole slew of post-apocalyptic scenarios with relative ease.
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Fun Facts for Printing

Fun Facts for Printing

Have you ever noticed those little black crosshairs on packages? How about the dots or squares in different colors? These weird little symbols aren’t as out of place as you may think.
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