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Copy Shop Tuesday : Another One Bites the Dorito Dust

Happy National Tortilla Chip Day!

In honor of our favorite triangular snack, let’s shop up a solid contender: Tostitos.

Where I come from, there is only one way to eat these chips. And when I say “one way”, I mean infinity ways. But first, take the bag of chips, turn it sideways, cut it open, and go to town. I like mine soaked in lime juice, mixed in with Japanese peanuts, cucumbers, cueritos, rielitos, Chamoy, jicama, and other things I can’t translate to English. When you do it right, it should look nasty. That’s how you know it’s good. And for whatever reasons, it will never work with Doritos.

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Test Flying the Office Droid

Emotional Labor Email Extension

It is so hard to imagine a life with no text messaging or emails, where you could just get the point across without having to interrupt someone or be interrupted. But then, what are we really doing that is more important than talking to a real live person who is genuinely spending the same amount of energy and time to reach out to me? It’s so easy for this paranoia to segue into self-centered guilt.

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Double The Pleasure, Double The Sun. Visit Kepler-16b!

We are loving the JPL initiative “PlanetQuest” Exoplanet Travel Series, featuring a beautifully illustrated set of some of the universe’s most eligible travel destinations. Naturally, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the sci-fi version we released for the planets of Star Wars. I’ve chosen Kepler-16b as my favorite, if only for the double sunset similar to Tatooine. However, it should be noted that Kepler-16b also features a slightly less habitable climate, similar to the surface and temperature of dry ice. Yikes.

Touching Sound: Conductive Ink Breathes Life Into Print

The other day I read a friend’s Facebook status which disappointedly admitted to trying to “pinch” the text of a magazine to zoom out. “I’m afraid,” he deduced, “If print is not dead yet, then it is just a broken touch screen”.

While some of us have been caught trying to swipe right through a newspaper, we are the ones holding the newspaper nonetheless. Magazines, books, records, letters, posters, have prevailed regardless, if not just for their novelty or nostalgia. With the advent of new media and digital, the days of the printed page were thought to be numbered. But considering the prevalence of social networking, media, and interaction, it becomes apparent that these digital advances surfaced primarily to serve a valuable need for data, connectivity, and touch. When you think of it this way, technology now has the ability to evolve these mediums–not destroy them. That is to say, technology could be what bridges the gap between art and science, physical and digital, and it’s already happening.

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Hands on with Destiny’s Companion App

Destiny, Bungie‘s ambitious sci-fi shooter is a few weeks old. The monster release was not without its problems, but overall, the game appears to be a smash hit, bringing in over $325 million in sales in its first five days. One of Destiny’s largest features, if you’re inclined to call it that, is the extensive lore and extra options that are available online at and in its native apps for iOS and Android. While no means necessary for playing the game, the Destiny companion apps provide an extra layer of interactivity in the world of Destiny. In this post, we’ll take a look at the utility of Destiny’s companion app for both users and Bungie.
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Today, Uber announced an ice-cream filled event in Los Angeles and 144 other cities! The team at Oskoui+Oskoui decided to experience this excitement.

Uber gave out ice cream and “Uber swag,” which was a pair of customized Uber sunglasses.
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Story is Still King – A Dark Room

A Dark Room
Over the weekend, I stumbled upon A Dark Room, an interesting little text adventure for the iPhone. The game has gotten a lot of praise from different sources and playing it got me thinking about narrative.
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Estimote Unboxing

We received our Developer Preview Kit from Estimote recently. We’re really excited to work with the beacons, so check them out below!
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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween, so happy trick or treating from everyone at the agency! If you’re looking to get in the holiday spirit, find out how to make your own pumpkin keg or check out last year’s Halloween hit list.

Reservoir Dogs in Under Six Seconds

This is what Reservoir Dogs looks like when you subtract 98 minutes and 54 seconds. Click above to hear our award winning Vine sound engineers at work.

Zombie Outbreak at E3

Dead Rising 3 Zombies invading E3. I escaped unharmed.

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