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Save the Planet Game for ‘Independence Day’ Release

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.10.27 PM

In the office, our team just completed designing and building a throw-back, arcade-style video game for the release of Independence Day: Resurgence in June!

The game is a simplistic jet versus alien ships flying through the desert, city, and finally entering the mothership to drop the missile to save the whole planet — the retro 8-bit design and up/down/shoot functionality will bring you back to the good ol’ days of a pocket full of coins at the arcade (well, most likely if you’re 30 or older…)

We found a little write-up about our game on Mashable, announcing the new movie and game. (See the whole article here)

Try it for yourself– shoot up some aliens and destroy the mothership to save the planet here. :)

Visualize “The Jungle Book” (mainly because it opens in theatres today)


Growing up with the animated versions of the Disney movies that are now being made into “live-action” incarnations, there is a twinge of skepticism that I feel whenever I see a trailer for one. But as I watch the trailer for “The Jungle Book,” it feels a bit different than the rambunctious cartoon I watched as a young child. I’m actually very curious how the story is told and how the animals are created digitally. I want to embark upon a dream-space in the jungle, where I can imagine myself as Mowgli, and reflect on the relationship between humanity and nature. Will it end up being just a glorified rehash of the 1967 animated version of the story? Or will my inner nostalgia buff be satisfied with enough nods to the former version, while still introducing new ideas and imagery? I will be seeing it tonight, and hoping for the latter… to rediscover an old text through director Jon Favreau’s eyes. Let the adventure begin.

View showtimes for the Jungle Book here!


FINALLY, ENNIO! (And oh yeah, you too, Leo)

When I was in college, I took a “Music in Film” class. This class was broken up into chapters by composer, and one of the first names we learned was Ennio Morricone. Understanding how vital music is to the soul of a film, I began to obsessively watch the movies he scored to learn his methods and style; he was obviously a master. The narrative melodies of his compositions were quite an imaginative partner to his visual counterpart. I was in awe of his talent, and understandably excited to learn he scored the newest Tarantino film, especially because I knew it was Western-inspired.

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Go on a GIFscapade !

You know you love responding to your friends’ text messages with a GIF that expresses your sentiment exactly. Well, we’ve created our own GIF keyboard App, Gifscapade ! Download right now from the App Store here !



Congratulations, CJ ! The winner of the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Today’s “GIF of the Day” was dedicated to you– who’s a good boy?!?


Check out our other GIFs here !! Or download Gifscapade from the App store to get your own keyboard, including all our GIFs and plenty more from


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so here’s a few GIFs from Cinema Paradiso to get you in the mood. (Try to watch this movie and NOT cry.)

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!!


Check out more LOVEly GIFs here, and also, our Gifscapade App channel for more of our movie GIFs.


On the Twelfth Day of Star Wars, My Jedi Gave to Me…

Lightsaber shoes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.04.23 PM

Because on the Eleventh Day I was bitching about not getting to wield a lightsaber in lieu of a wedding bouquet.

On the Tenth Day of Star Wars My Jedi Gave to Me…

A diamond and gold $135,000 BB-8.


Ah. There is the droid I was looking for.

On the Ninth Day of Star Wars, A Sith Lord Gave to Me…


On the Seventh Day of Star Wars, My Sith Lord Gave to Me…

A Ticket to El Capitan’s Star Wars Marathon Event. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.33.32 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.33.17 PM

What are you doing Star Wars Eve? If you’re one of the lucky ones to snag a ticket to the 20 hour marathon of all six Star Wars movies before the midnight showing,  you will also enjoy your own reserved seat, event credential, Star Wars lanyard, Commemorative Souvenir Ticket, Collectible BB-8 Button, treats and more! For the rest of those who missed the starship, you have not missed out on the grand opportunity to view Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Hollywood’s historic El Capitan Theatre. There are even tickets on certain dates that grant you access to a special cosplay event with drinks, food, souvenirs, and admission to the costume exhibit. And with a lightsaber show before the viewing, dare we say this is the BEST place to watch The Force Awakens in all of Los Angeles?

On the Sixth Day of Star Wars, The Republic Gave to Me…

Vintage Travel Posters from the Imperial Tourism Bureau. 


Escape to Tatooine for a sandy holiday, and enjoy double sunsets daily.


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On the Fifth Day of Star Wars, Darth Vader Gave to Me….

Star Wars Propaganda Posters.


Like what you see? Interested in owning these as prints to frame and hang in your abode? Drop us a line, and we’ll hook you up.

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