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Happy Birthday, Charlie and Happy Puppy Day!

fullsizerender_676x900Well, it’s National Puppy Day and also I’m proud to say my dog, Charlie’s Birthday.

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Free Museum Day: January 31, 2015

The annual free museum admission day in Southern California falls on Saturday, January 31st (with a few exceptions falling on Feb 1) in celebration of “Museums Free-For-All” program.

There are plenty of participating museums this year, from Los Angeles County Museum of Art to the California Science Center.

Though this does not apply to special exhibitions (general admissions only), it’s worth checking out the many free museums!

View the list of participating museums here.

Welcome back, Flo!

This Friday, we welcome back Flo from France, who has brought us back a souvenir from her travels.

Chango – Marketers Against Marketing

Marketers Against Marketing
If you need a quick Christmas gift for your favorite buzzword regurgitator, have we found the perfect fit for you. Fans of Cards Against Humanity who are also intimately familiar with the very real struggle of cross-platform integrated media-agnostic viral executions will love Marketers Against Marketing, Programmatic Advertising company Chango‘s promotional brain child.
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Discover a Tale of Two Outbreaks in The Strain

The Strain - A Tale of Two Outbreaks
With the release of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD, as well as the popular television series renewal for another 13 episode season, there’s no better time than now to relive the horror of the show. A Tale of Two Outbreaks chronicles The Strain’s most important moments in the television show and compares them its graphic novel counterpart, showcasing the differences and similarities in both adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s original novel about the vampire outbreak while also featuring exclusive content from the home entertainment release of The Strain.

Check it out here!

The Cute Culture in Products

Cute Culture
Growing up in the US while constantly being exposed to the East-Asia’s “culture of cute” was a clash of two opposite worlds. In America, businesses are more focused on making their products look “cool” or “slick” to sell. A well known example is Apple – their products are designed to be minimalist, straight-forward, and reflect “cool” for Western culture. Overseas in Eastern-Asia such as Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, many products focus on “cute” and “colorful” to appeal to the general public.
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The Intel Extreme Masters Comes to California

The Intel Extreme Masters, one of the premier events in esports, is coming to California December 6th through 7th, featuring competition in StarCraft II and League of Legends. For the uninitiated, the Intel Extreme Masters is a high-level video game competition featuring people furiously smashing their keyboards in an attempt to crush other people furiously smashing their keyboards. Competitive gaming has been growing in popularity for quite some time, with flavors for every type of gaming aficianado. For those who prefer two player brawlers, EVO fills the gap. For those who prefer making unsubstantiated claims about 360 no scopes, there are several FPS events held under the MLG banner.
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Exploring Reddit

You‘ve probably heard of Reddit, a social networking service where community members submit and vote on content. If you haven’t, that’s fine too – today we’re going to learn about the history and function of site.
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Opening the Oculus Rift

We’re stoked that our Oculus Rift development kit has finally arrived and we can begin exploring the possibilities of the VR machine. See what’s inside the box in the video or check out the pictures below.
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Fun with iPhone 6’s Slow Motion Feature

The iPhone 6’s slow motion capabilities are put to good use by our development team.

Beyond Trailers: Memorable Video Game Advertising

The video game hype machine generally sticks to a pretty standard formula. Lots of gameplay footage spliced with CGI trailers seems to be standard operating procedure for getting the word out about new games. However, sometimes gaming companies go beyond the simple footage trailer, creating commercials that promote their games in more creative ways than recording their own finished product. Below is a list of some famous and successful video game commercials (there’s even one console in there) that we think are stellar.
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