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Posting to Reddit – An Idiot’s Guide

So, for who knows what reason, you’re posting to Reddit. You could be showing off a picture of a cat, something “hilarious” your family did, or trying to show off anything cool you came across (or want to promote). Reddit is a great tool for getting mass exposure to an idea, but you have to play by the unwritten laws of the community. In this post, I’ll try to give you a lay of the land for your endeavors, be they personal or commercial.
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Psy Reaches Major YouTube Milestone Gangnam Style

There’s a new king. This week a major milestone was reached. Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ sets the world record with more than 1 billion video views.

Free Holiday Gift for Yourself- Core Online

Core Online
Even if you’ve got a bajillion presents under the tree, it never hurts to give yourself a little something more. The fine folks at Square Enix are offering some premium games playable right in your browser for absolutely free! It’s not even a Holiday special – it’s just awesome. Head over to http: Core Online to get started.

You can play Hitman: Blood Money, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and Mini Ninjas (among others), so have a look if you’re looking to try something new.

A Clockwork Orange Credits – Animated GIF

A Clockwork Orange - End Credits
41 years ago, A Clockwork Orange was released on this date. To remember such an influential film, we created a short GIF of its end credits.

The Power of Interactive Storytelling – The Walking Dead

Recently I had the chance to enjoy the surprisingly powerful “The Walking Dead” video game from Telltale Games. The game spans over five episodes based on the acclaimed comic series. Despite the medium, the game was brimming with stark presentation and emotional appeal. In this post, I’d like to focus on the different modes of storytelling utilized by the game. Earlier, I looked at different types of interactive storytelling in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim. Today, I’ll be looking at how this game combined both to make a moving experience rivaling that of film.
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Homeland – Infographics

Homeland - Brody
Homeland’s episode “Two Hats” blew it out of the water last night. Here are some infographics we created looking at the first season of Showtime’s Homeland!
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Game of Thrones – Modernized Sigils

Game of Thrones Main
Since we all love Game of Thrones so much, we thought we would take a look at what some of the House’s sigils would look like in an updated and modern future of the Game of Thrones universe. Here are the logos we created – we hope you like them and let us know if you’d like to see more.
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Psychedelic Space Travel from Iconic Sci-Fi Movies [Animated GIFs]

2001: A Space Odyssey GIF
Contact GIF
Avatar GIF
Here are some animated GIFs of psychedelic travel from some iconic films.

How I Met Your Mother – Infographics

Marshall's Slaps to Barney
How I Met Your Mother aired the 6th episode of its 8th season last night: “Splitsville.” Here are some infographics about each of the characters on the show celebrating its 8 season run!
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Hands on with Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass
At E3, I was wowed by a demonstration of Microsoft’s SmartGlass. The application brought a second screen to the Xbox 360 experience, offering an alternative way to control the device through the use of a smartphone. About 5 months later, Smartglass has arrived. Earlier this week I had a chance to play around with it. How does it stack up to the demonstration I saw? Read on to find out.
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Skyfall – Animated GIFs

Skyfall 1Skyfall 2Skyfall 3
Skyfall 4Skyfall 5Skyfall 6
Skyfall 7Skyfall 8Skyfall 9

Skyfall is finally here in the states. To celebrate, we’ve created these animated GIFs of Bond doing what he does best – saving the world. We plan on enjoying the film today, so hopefully you do too.

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