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Estimote Unboxing

We received our Developer Preview Kit from Estimote recently. We’re really excited to work with the beacons, so check them out below!
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Frozen – Kingdom Chocolatier

Kingdom Chocolatier
A poster from Disney’s Frozen showing off Arendelle’s chocolate. Looks like a treat.

Farewell to Family Guy’s Brian

Since Brian has passed on to the great cartoon dog heaven, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Brian moments to celebrate the years of humor.
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Frozen’s Arendelle Travel Poster

Arendelle Travel Poster
Check out this awesome vintage poster for Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen, hitting theaters November 27th!

Movies in the Wild

Delivery Man and Frozen
We found a bus featuring two projects we worked on. Both Delivery Man and Frozen are hitting theaters this month, so check them out!

Frozen Official Site
Delivery Man Official Site

Car Commercials: My Best of the Best

Credit: mcgarrybowen London
Seeing this Honda advertisement made me think about cars and how they’re advertised. Their commercials are ubiquitous and usually inspire you to change the channel with their trademark sweeps of vaguely exotic locations and dust being blown up by spinning tires. Some, however, take a different route with their advertising strategies. This post houses my favorites and showcases innovative thinking effectively applied to the car category.
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[Adult Swim] Bump Building

Adult Swim Bump Builder
So you think you’re a wise guy, huh? Do you look like a clown to you? If so, you might want to try your hand at Adult Swim’s Bump Builder. Adult Swim has long been famous for its 15 second “bumps” which serve as self-advertisement for the channel’s brand. The writers over at Adult Swim have written everything from the inane to the absurd, and now they’ve opened up the flood gates to UGC on iOS and Android. No promises that your classically sardonic wit will get your 15-second Bump on the air, but you said to never tell you the odds anyway.

When you download the app, you can also sync it with Adult Swim to get extra content while you watch. Everybody loves extra content.

You can download the iOS app here.
You can download the Android app here.
And you can access the wildly colorful web version here.

You can also check out the ghosts of bumps past over at BumpWorthy if you’re looking for an example to live by.

Sons of Anarchy Character Posters, Part 1

Sons of Anarchy - Jax
Click for a bigger version.
So you like riding motorcycles vicariously through your television, huh? Well, here are some posters showing your favorite characters from your double life in Charming, CA. Keep on riding!
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A Cartoonist’s Take on Creativity

Start off the week with a humorous talk by New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee on his own creative process and the value of “quantity over quality.” You can check out his Tumblr and his Twitter here. We’ve linked some of his comics in the post below.
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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween, so happy trick or treating from everyone at the agency! If you’re looking to get in the holiday spirit, find out how to make your own pumpkin keg or check out last year’s Halloween hit list.

Write, You Glorious Idiot

Write, You Glorious Idiot
I recently made a post about documentaries that may be able to help you find inspiration when you feel like you’ve run out. I find that most of the time that works. However, for the other times you still can’t get the pen to start spitting out fire, here is a collection of quotes from writers that remind me of the reasons why I love to write. Most are short, but the big one at the bottom is a great Bukowski poem. So get back to writing, you glorious idiot.
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Life Lessons From Dark Souls

If you’re a hardcore gamer or merely a masochist, you’re probably excited about the fact that Dark Souls II is coming out early next year. If you’re unfamiliar, Dark Souls was famously shipped with the tagline “Prepare to Die.” If you’re still not picking up what I’m putting down, the game is about dying. A lot. It’s pretty difficult and players often are killed by challenging monsters before learning their weaknesses and the strategies to exploit them. This makes the reward of completing the damn thing so much more fulfilling.
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