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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while, after reading some of the makeover blog posts I’ve been seeing pop up in my feed. Apparently, this book’s methods will change the way we think of “cleaning up” and I am all for it. I just started reading it yesterday but I’m really excited to share it with the rest of the office, considering how disorganized and untidy developers and artists tend to be. And because I’m reading it during my lunch break at work, I can’t help but wonder what the possibilities are for making the “app” version of this… Can you hear the wheels turning? Hold on, I just got a notification to “Kondo” my desk. BRB.

Happy Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!


(Neptune is available for adoption! Photo courtesy of Copper’s Dream Animal Rescue.)

It’s no secret that we LOVE dogs (especially rescues) so to commemorate this special day, we figured instead of sharing all our pooches’ photos with you, we’d  try to implement our shared advocacy for man’s best friend by brainstorming some great ways we can incorporate our passion into our practice. What we mean is, are there ways we can use these tools to make our neighborhood a more dog friendly place? Can we design a platform to propagate the benefits of hanging out with a dog? Here are some of our ideas.

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We Took Apart Taylor Swift’s LED Concert Bracelet.

An anonymous O+O employee has donated their magic LED bracelet from Taylor Swift’s current concert tour.

Our developer, Matthieu, has volunteered to take apart the device and tell us, in his words, how it works.

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TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Drupal 8 RESTful Web Services


In this tutorial we’ll review how to use Drupal 8 Restful Web Services. We’ll take you through viewing, creating, editing, and updating entities for your Drupal site. (Note: I am using Beta 14 version in this tutorial.)

Alright, let’s begin!

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TUTORIAL TUESDAY: Allow landscape video full-screen in a portrait-only iOS app with SWIFT 1.2

So it’s not Tuesday but we’ve been really busy doing exciting stuff, so we apologize that it’s a day late. But get ready to forgive us because in this tutorial we will learn how EASY it is to allow for the rotation of videos to landscape mode when displayed in a portrait-only iOS app.
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August is National S’mores Month and while little is more terrifying than one of our developers wielding an open flame in the O+O office, we still want to celebrate this special summer snack. So we asked around the team for their campfire memories, roasting methods, or favorite s’mores tips, tricks, and recipes (because there’s so much s’more to them than graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate).

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My Moddah Wen Pack One Bento for Me

Growing up in Minnesota, having Hawaiian roots is rare. My mother would pack me bento boxes of plate lunch (rice, macaroni salad, teriyaki chicken or fish, and maybe some spam musubi) and I would go skipping off to school, anticipating the tasty meal but dreading having anyone else see or smell it. My childhood peers didn’t quite understand the style of my lunch box, and often made fun of it by making gagging sounds at the lunch table. To me, it was not only delicious, but also a connection to my mother’s homeland.

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Bandflyr Launch Party!

Last night we celebrated the official launch of our app, Bandflyr at El Cid in Silver Lake! Read more to watch our demo video and download from the App Store.

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