If you’re looking for a fresh font for a specific project or to impart an identity on a brand, you want to find something that is functional but distinctly grabs the eye. Here are some online type foundries that offer fonts that can help you to achieve that bold effect.

Adobe Web Fonts
Adobe Web Fonts offers more than 2,200 digital typefaces, including original fonts created specifically for Adobe. In addition, Adobe Web Font’s Typblography gives insight into typography’s application and history.

Founded by Brighton based design studio The Entente, Colophon distributes fonts designed by the studio but also from other designers as well. Colophon also sells other products, most produced in a limited quantity.

Based in Berkeley, Emigre is a digital type foundry that holds the rights to over 300 typefaces. Additionally, Emigre is a publisher and distributor of graphic design software.

Font Bureau
Font Bureau is a digital foundry that has provided typefaces for major publications and carries many popular fonts. Font Bureau also helped to establish three related font businesses, Webtype, Ready-Media, as well as the independent Fonts In Use.

Fonthead Design
Fonthead Design offers over 150 original OpenType fonts. Additionally, it also offers some a smaller collection of fonts for free.

Fonts of Chaos
Fonts of Chaos is a recently founded OpenType foundry that produce “alternative typefaces for experimental artwork.” The fonts are created by three designers and vary in inspiration and appearance.

Fountain is an independent Swedish digital foundry, offering a variety of fonts as well as a custom typefaces on a per-client basis.

Hoefler & Frere-Jones
A type foundry in business for over twenty years, Hoefler & Frere-Jones have developed typefaces for prominent publications, businesses, and entities for the entirety of its career.

House Industries
House Industries is a type foundry that provides handcrafted fonts that mix underground cultural influence with precision design work.

In business for over 100 years, Linotype provides typefaces and typography services to a variety of different companies and institutions.

Okay Type
A typeface design studio run by a single designer, offered fonts are inspired by everything from Saul Bass to Victorian typography.

OurType is a Belgian type foundry founded in 2002. OurType offers fonts that can be customized as well the creation of custom fonts for customers.

P22 Online
P22 is a digital type foundry that provides a variety of fonts available through five different collections. Started in 1994, P22 offers a collection with a focus “on design and art history.”

PampaType Digital Foundry
The first Latin American digital type foundry, PampaType has been in business for over ten years and is located in Argentina.

Process Type Foundry
Minnesota-based foundry Process Type Foundry started in 2002 just offering four fonts. Since then, they have grown to supply commissioned work as well as increasing their catalog.

Typofonderie is an independent type foundry based in France. Founded in 1994, Typofonderie began selling its collection of fonts on the Internet in 1999, and has been adding to its catalog since.

Founded in 1999, Typotheque is a type foundry and graphic design studio based in the Netherlands.

The Brooklyn-based Village is a type foundry was founded on the principle that a “strong group with strong individual voices” could create typefaces and products that were excellent, despite geographic distance between collaborators. The foundry offers a variety of fonts designed by the Village’s different contributors.