Social media is one of the more disruptive concepts that has been changing way we use the Internet and interact with our peers. As its introduction has been not marked by a clear cut transition but rather a gradual shift (and constant change) in technologies and platforms, it’s important to stay current with news and opinions on the industry. Here are some resources that should help you find some footing.

A blog that focuses on new developments in the tech and start-up spaces. The site emphasizes the importance of its community and the content that members submit to the blog.

Inside Facebook
A site that, as you have no doubt surmised, focuses entirely on Facebook as a company and a platform. Inside Facebook has up-to-date posts on all of the changes and news about the world’s largest social network.

Logic + Emotion
The personal blog of David Armano, an EVP at Edelman Digital. While Logic + Emotion doesn’t update as often as other blogs, the posts are incredibly informative about the social media space and provide insight into how businesses can properly navigate it.

A blog that reports on everything related to social media companies and trends.

Started as a technology blog in 2003, ReadWriteWeb has expanded to cover a wide variety of topics related to social media.

Social Fresh
Social Fresh is a company that educates businesses on social media. Their website also serves as a hub for posts about social media insights and resources.

Social Media Examiner
A site that describes itself as the user’s “guide to the social media jungle,” the Social Media Examiner provides tips and tools for the social space.

Social Media Today
An independent online community for people working in the social media and advertising world. Posts are meant to be informative and encourage discussion of platforms and trends.

Social Times
A source for all things related to social media such as platform updates, industry news, and instructional tutorials.

The Anti-Social Media
A satire on the social media industry from someone who works within the space. While not the best source for news, it can be an interesting read for blowing off steam or finding criticism about industry standards and practices.