Whether you’re running a campaign or doing the day-to-day social media work for your brand or company, you’ve probably been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of networks and posts you may have to keep up with. Sometimes you may want content pushed to a particular network but not others. Luckily, there are a host of tools (both free and paid) available to help you get the job done no matter what your specific needs are. Here’s a short list of tools you can use to get started in handling your social media accounts and your online presence.

Friend or Follow

A really simple tool that lets you see who is and who isn’t following you as compared to who you’re following.


A social media suite that allows you to manage a variety of networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, and others. Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights allows you to keep a handle on the relevant metrics of your social presence. While the lion’s share of features are for paid members, an ad-supported free version is also available.


Klout is a tool that helps you measure your own social media influence and see how others stack up in relation to you. Klout looks at the amount of people you reach, how much your messages are repeated, and the influence of your entire network. It’s an easy to use tool that lets you connect your networks and see how effective you are in the social sphere. is a free service that lets you update all of your social networks in a variety of different ways. In addition to managing posts, it offers updating accounts via email, Skype, instant messenger, and RSS feeds. This is excellent for using blogs as a means of updating social accounts.


Seesmic allows you to manage social and professional networks from its web and downloadable application. You can access and manage social networks but you can also use Seesmic to manage CRM with Salesforce integration.


SocialOomph offers a wide variety of tools for you to manage your online presence. Features include scheduling Tweet, tracking keywords, post management, and click analytics. The paid version features far more robust features across social networks but the free version is still useful.


TweetDeck is a web and desktop application that allows you to manage a Facebook account, several Twitter accounts, and other social accounts. Despite the Twitter-oriented name, TweetDeck is an effective tool for managing all types of networks and posts.