Super Bowl Sunday: the strikers don’t strike on it. If there’s one event that embodies America, it’s certainly the National Football League’s yearly championship game. I personally enjoy football. I love watching games and playing them (on my Xbox 360), so I’m definitely a fan of the yearly festivities. But, as we all know, the Super Bowl has always been famous for its advertisements.

Due to the massive audience the championship brings, Super Bowl advertisements have always been expensive spots to purchase, so brands and agencies do their best to bring their A Game to the table. With the advent of YouTube and other social sharing sites, commercials set to air during the game have started being released earlier to the public. Last year, Volkswagen’s “The Force” by Deutsch made its biggest splash prior to the big game. This year, I thought we’d take a look at some of the commercials before the Giants inevitably crush the Patriots.

Here are some of the commercials that I’ve checked out so far. Anything where John Stamos gets headbutted or chimps ruin someone’s day is a-okay in my book.

I chose the New York version of the Coke commercial but not because they’ll need the help.

This Budweiser ad really tugged at my old hockey heart strings.

Here are a few car commercials – some more standard than others. Not totally sure where I stand on seeing two of my favorite cultural icons in car advertisements, but I suppose it’s always better to see a familiar face than not to see one at all.