I’m sure most of you are now aware of Pinterest, an interactive site where you can pin your favorite pictures, recipes, and also look at other user’s pins. Fancy is very similar to Pinterest but also offers the opportunity to buy any product that you “Fancy.” Unlike Pinterest, where you can “Like” something but there may not necessarily be a link showing you where you can find the product.

While Pinterest is much larger with 11,716,000 users compared to Fancy’s 250,000, Fancy is great way for people to to find and buy products easily. When you find the product you are interest in buying, you have the option to click the image.

The distinguishing thing about Fancy is when you click on an image, the “Buy It” button eads you to either someone else’s blog blog or the site where you can buy the product.
Once you have been connected to the site, all you have left to do is actually purchase the product. It is a quite simple process and links browsing Fancy to off-site transactions easily.

Not only is it a great way to find amazing products, but it is also a great site to view stunning images of exotic locations around the globe. Images of glaciers, mountains, hotels, and oceans are breathtaking. It’s another great way to spend time looking at new places to travel or glamorous restaurants to dine at.

Fancy has everything Pinterest does and is, in my opinion, a little bit easier to interact with. It is a simple, beautiful site which allows the user to spend hours exploring pictures. Signing up for an account is quite easy and unlike Pinterest, you do not need an invite to begin an account so you can get started right away. This allows users to explore and start their on blog in just a few moments. Fancy is a great way to find amazing products and it’s also simple way to buy them.