Well, March Madness is here and so is another round of office music picks. This time around things are quite varied, so we hope you enjoy the wide selection and find something that you enjoy.

Alice’s Picks

The BledPass the Flask
Favorite Tracks: Spitshine Sonata, Nothing We Say Leaves This Room

Florence + The MachineCeremonials
Favorite Tracks: Shake It Out, Spectrum, Only If For a Night

From First to LastDear Diary My Teen Angst Has a Body Count
Favorite Tracks: The One Armed Boxer Vs. the Flying Guillotine, Ride the Wings of Pestilence

Barrett’s Picks

Five Iron FrenzyAll the Hype That Money Can Buy
Favorite Tracks: Hurricanes

Favorite Tracks: Grey Machine

JB’s Picks

Circa SurviveOn Letting Go
Favorite Tracks: In The Morning And Amazing, Your Friends Are Gone

ConvergeJane DoeFavorite Tracks: Concubine, Fault and Fracture, Homewrecker, Heaven In Her Arms, Jane Doe

Of Sinking ShipsOf Sinking Ships
Favorite Tracks: It Never Mattered To You, The Circumstance

Vanessa’s Picks

SkrillexBangarang EP
Favorite Tracks: Summit

Young the GiantYoung The Giant
Favorite Tracks: Cough Syrup