Record Store Day
Last Saturday (April 21, 2012) was annual Record Store Day (RSD). Thousands set out to grab copies of limited vinyl records by some of their favorite artists and enjoy live in-store entertainment. It was a celebration of fellowship among those of us that share love for the tactility music can still offer in the digital era. To participate in this great event, I joined the ranks lined up early at Amoeba music in Hollywood.

My fiancĂ©e and I arrived at the store around 9 a.m. and were greeted by a tremendous line of people at least 900 strong. We took our place in the back and, as people continued pouring in behind us, we waited and chatted with fellow vinyl enthusiasts. Within minutes the sun was beating upon us, and Amoeba was handing out fans to help alleviate the discomfort. Doors to the store opened just before 10:30, and I expected a frenzy of epic proportions to begin. However, this was not the case. While standing in line Amoeba had handed everybody lists of their entire RSD inventory, and had asked participants to simply check next to each title they were interested in purchasing. After waiting three long hours they accepted our lists in an orderly fashion and handed us numbered clips. They then instructed us to get into a second (yet much shorter!) line,and informed us that by the time we got to the front our orders would be processed and we’d be able to purchase whichever titles we were still interested in. Most of my choices were still in stock, and the transaction itself was quick and painless!

I felt triumphant with the haul I purchased which included vinyls by LCD Soundsystem, The Black Keys, Flaming Lips, Animal Collective, and Death Grips. While maybe not being quite as exciting as the free-for-all stampede I had joined during last year’s RSD at Amoeba Berkeley, the Amoeba Hollywood location handled events as fairly as possible. Those who showed up the earliest got exactly what they came for and didn’t have to waste precious moments frantically running through the store. Everyone walking out seemed thoroughly stoked, and I’d say that my Amoeba Hollywood Record Store Day experience was a definite success.

You can look through some of the pictures I took of the event below:

RSD Entrance Line
RSD Line Sun
RSD Line From Back
RSD Clips
RSD Records