Online Resources for Developers
As a developer I sometimes find myself running into programming related issues. It turns out that most of these issues can be solved by simply looking at the right places. It is safe to say that someone, somewhere, has encountered the same problem than you do and asked about it online.

One of the developer’s favorite communities would be Stack Overflow. The community is huge, and thanks to a voting system it is easy to spot which answer is the best one. The answers are known to be reliable and it is the first website I consult when I encounter a specific, code-related issue.

However, Stack Overflow lacks general discussions about programming. For instance, if you just discovered a new library and want to discuss it with other programmers, you will have to look elsewhere. As stated in the “How to ask” section of Stack Overflow: “We prefer questions that can be answered, not just discussed”. When it comes to general discussion of programming, I prefer

Even though Reddit’s community is famous for sharing jokes and picture of cats, they do have some useful subforums (known on reddit as subreddits) for developers.

Here are my favorites:

  • r/technology: Anything and everything about technology: news, updates, etc. A good way to keep informed and share your opinion on the latest technology-related news.
  • r/programming: programming in general. The goal is not to ask questions about your work (except if you are really confident that you are facing a really interesting issue) but to share code and algorithms. The rule in this subreddit is not to post text but to post a link to an external website and discuss the content in the comments.
  • r/webdev: Obviously, my favorite one. People are nice, ready to help if you need help, and willing to discuss any interesting subject. You can also find some interesting advice or simply discover new libraries and tools. The community will appreciate it if you share the new discoveries that you make

As a bonus:

I didn’t know it until recently but Reddit’s code is written in Python and available on their Github repository. This is definitely interesting if you want to learn Python or are just curious.