Fall is in full swing. Halloween is just around the corner and then Thanksgiving after that. Here’s what we’ve been listening to in the office while the leaves change.

Alice M.’s Picks

Circa SurviveViolent Waves
Circa Survive - Violent Waves
Favorite Tracks: Birth of the Economic Hitman, Lottery

Wolfmother - Wolfmother
Favorite Tracks: Woman, Mind’s Eye

Barrett’s Picks

EmeryIn Shallow Seas We Sail
Emery - In Shallow Seas We Sail
Favorite Tracks: Dear Death Part 1, Butcher’s Mouth

KBWeight & Glory
KB - Weight and Glory
Favorite Tracks: Weight Music, Church Clap

JB’s Picks

The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights
The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights
Favorite Tracks: On the Picket Fence, A Little Bit More, Your Share of Men

Modern Life Is WarWitness
Modern Life Is War - Witness
Favorite Tracks: The Outsider (AKA Hell is for Heroes, Pt. 1), I’m Not Ready, Hair Raising Accounts of Restless Ghosts (AKA Hell is for Heroes, Pt. 2)

Vanessa’s Picks

The XX - Coexist
The XX - Coexist