Digital. The final frontier – until the next one. Infinitely measurable, but still with its stumbling blocks. Fortunately, the YouTube Ads Leaderboards provides a benchmark for measuring effectiveness on one of the biggest digital platforms. As a part of Google’s Think Insights, the Leaderboards show off success stories on YouTube. It’s easy to find what ads struck a chord with their audience, and then read case studies on how they achieved their goals.

For instance, the Leaderboards have compiled the best ads that ran on the platform in 2013 in their wrap-up article for the year (such as the Evian spot featured at the top of this post). As the Google Think Insights team writes:

These aren’t the ads with the highest view counts, though, or the biggest budgets. They are the ones that skillfully deployed paid media to help great creative catch fire. By taking advantage of YouTube’s creative canvas and choice-driven distribution model, advertisers are creating true cultural moments.

The team posts an article each month showing off great advertising on the platform. The YouTube Ads Leaderboards is only one part of the picture, however. You can explore more of the Google Think Insights suite to find more great marketing and strategies across all sorts of Google Products.

You can look at Marketing Objectives to find work that successfully mirrors your own goals as an advertiser. You can sort by Build Awareness, Influence Consideration, Drive Sales, and Grow Loyalty or Retention. You can also sort by Ad Types and find ads that are doing well by their channel.

All in all, the YouTube Ads Leaderboards is a great way for creatives and strategists alike to take a litmus test of what’s sort of advertising and content is hitting the mark on YouTube. Those sorts of insights are invaluable as we go forward into 2014, a year that will no doubt see more digital landscape shifts. Also, it’s pretty darn entertaining, don’t you think?