Five Free Writing Tools
The most important (and often hardest) part of writing is sitting down and doing it. It’s easier said than done, as I’m sure you know. However, you might as well set yourself up for success so you can quickly iterate on your failures. Here are a few free tools that I use to keep everything moving, even when I’m not.

Television and radio spots require scripts, obviously. Final Draft is the premium of the bunch but, if you’re being creative on a budget, CeltX is a great alternative. There are also paid options that add features and make CeltX even more of a killer product.

TheSage English Dictionary
Sometimes you’re stuck trying to find the right word for your copy. While your brain is the best tool for discovering the solution, sometimes a stellar thesaurus can help as a primer. This one works offline, so it’s approved for use even during dark and stormy nights.

EverNote is already pretty popular for note taking among the digitally savvy. It’s pretty indispensable for keeping your thoughts coherent and organized across all of your devices.

If you ask me, the best way to crank out headlines is to sit somewhere quiet with a piece of paper and keep going until you run out of ink or graphite. However, if you prefer a computer, you might like using a program such as FocusWriter. As the name implies, it gets rid of all of the distractions of your computer so you can smash away at your keyboard. Just make sure to get rid of all of the real life distractions behind your chair.

Google Drive
If you’re not using Google Drive or something similar to back up your work, you should be. Simple as that. Drive’s internal word processor is not particularly elegant, thought it is functional if you want to take a crack at your work on the go. That said, its utility as an no frills repository for drafts is almost unmatched.