Made with Code, Google’s latest project, is a massive collaboration with a host of outside organizations geared towards getting girls interested in coding. It’s described by Google as “an initiative to champion creativity, girls, and code, all at once.”

Made with Code - 1

Made with Code tries to tackle the problem of female under representation in Computer Science fields by getting them interested in the possibilities of creating the things that they love. The site features 6 base projects for girls to complete, with additional missions after they’ve finished each task.

Made with Code 2 - 1

Additionally, the project showcases women Mentors and Makers who utilize coding as an integral part of their professional skill set to effect change on the world. Through a series of videos, Google shows how coding can help girls make a difference in their own lives and society at large.

The project also promotes events that line up with its goals. Users can search by area code to find workshops, camps, and other classes that can help develop their creative and coding abilities.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction for solving the problem of female under representation in Computer Science professions. With a $90 million dollar commitment from Google and the support of its partners, the initiative has the ability to communicate the importance and relevance of learning coding in an increasingly digital reliant world.