Positioning-RouletteIf you’re struggling to come up with a brand positioning for your product or client, Positioning-Roulette is an ideation tool from Ulli Appelbaum that is designed to elevate your strategic thinking. The objective of Positioning-Roulette is to “stimulate creativity and help… find new solutions, make new connections, and look at your brand and category from a new perspective.” Though currently in Beta (which definitely shows), the utility can be helpful in providing you with a bird’s eye view of the strategic strengths and weaknesses in the positioning of your product.

While ultimately your results will be dependent on your experience with marketing and advertising, Positioning-Roulette offers you a clean way to organize your thought process as you tackle evaluating the strategy behind your ideas. It’s a bare bones approach (see below for proof) that simply lists the questions that you need to answer, but it is certainly helpful. Some questions may seem more relevant than others, but ultimately all of them are designed to get you thinking both creatively and critically about your product.


While Appelbaum’s strategic Swiss Army Knife might not be the prettiest to look at, that reflects its purpose in eschewing “fancy, new and unproven theories” in favor of “tried and true methods to build successful brand stories.” You could accomplish the same thing with a pen and paper, but if it’s online, all the better. Best of luck to anyone out there using its content as a resource.