There are tons of great props up for grabs in the huge How I Met Your Mother sweepstakes. If you’re a fan of the show, now is a great time to take home a piece of How I Met Your Mother and television history. Here are a few of our favorites from the sweepstakes!

The Blue French Horn

Ted makes Robin laugh while noting this strange piece of restaurant decoration on their first date. He later steals it for Robin as a romantic gesture which becomes a recurring action across multiple seasons.

Craig Thomas: The blue french horn is obviously one of the most important and iconic props ever featured on the show, from the last scene of the pilot all the way to the last scene of the finale. It’s a piece of HIMYM’s soul.

The Playbook

After Barney sleeps with a girl whom Lily wanted to set up with Ted, Lily discovers Barney’s prized Playbook, full of elaborate cons he uses to get women to sleep with him.

Dave Baker (Property Master): “It changed three times over the course of the show. It originally was a large black hardcover book, and then Carter and Craig decided it should be a brown leather book embossed with gold writing. Then in Season 9 they decided that all the pages were parchment and hand-written in calligraphy by Barney! It was quite expensive to get it made in the short time frame we had to produce it. It’s definitely my favorite prop from the series. It presently resides in New York with Mr. Neil Patrick Harris.”

Robin Sparkles’ Denim Jacket

An essential part of Robin Sparkle’s signature look, it’s even name-checked in her smash hit “Let’s Go to the Mall”.

Reiko Kurumada (Costume Designer): “We found the jacket at a thrift store, and then we embellished it. We had the writing done at Warner Bros, but the bedazzling and the other elements we did ourselves.”

The Yellow Umbrella

The fabled Yellow Umbrella is first acquired by Ted when he returns to the club where he acted like a jerk and lost his cell phone. It’s raining when he leaves and he grabs the umbrella, not knowing that it was actually left there the night before by his future wife, Tracy McConnell.

Dave Baker (Property Master): “We bought four of these and they originally had black piping, so we painted that out. One was completely ruined by the FX department, but the other three currently reside with Carter, Craig and Pamela.”

The Robot

First seen in the “Let’s Go to the Mall” music video, The Robot is Robin Sparkles’ eternal sidekick, appearing in all her music videos.

Dave Baker (Property Master): “He was an Omnibot 2000 made in the early 80’s that I found in working condition on eBay. We nicknamed him Sparky, and he always stole the show when it was his turn to perform.”