Branding Name
The most important decision a brand can make is choosing what to name their service or product. A brand name is the most powerful weapon in branding, marketing and advertising. In the long term, a brand is nothing without a name that encompasses a story filled with emotion. Steering away from generic names and focusing on differentiating the name from competitors is key in building lasting relationships with consumers. Below I’ve listed useful tactics in building a strong brand through a name.

1. Positioning. A brand name can go nowhere without a strong positioning strategy in the market place. The name of the brand must create an image and identity in the minds of the target market.

2. Brand Strategy. The communication of the brand strategy is key to both meaning and feeling. The brand name should communicate the overall brand strategy whether its straight forward and functional or emotional. When this is done correctly, every time the consumer mentions the brand name, it’s an advertisement. Word of mouth is a powerful tool to capitalize.

3. Ambassador. A great brand name should act like the ambassador for the company. It should introduce the characteristics that the company reflects. The brand name builds everything from the culture of the company in the minds of the consumers.

4. Creativity. A powerful brand name should sound strategic and linguistic. The name should be creative but should also be easy to understand and pronounce across languages for the multicultural consumers. This will make the name easy to remember to the public. Be sure to study the competition to ensure the new brand name is unique. Since there are millions of brand names trademarked, creativity in today’s world of branding is essential.

5. Memorable. The name should be memorable to the consumers. It should have positive connotations and should ideally last for moments in the target audiences’ minds.

A brand name can not be developed on a whim. It takes time and needs to be thoroughly positioned in the market place to ensure lasting power. When beginning to develop the brand name, brainstorm a large quantity of names and then go back through the names later and toss the bad ones. Pick up the dictionary and thesaurus and see what you find to help stimulate your mind. Try metaphors, go against the grain or even develop a new word. When developing the name, imagine the customer actually using the product or service. In the end, remember to trademark your name so it is protected.