We don’t have cubicles at O+O but if we did, we’d probably be celebrating Cubicle Day by improving our cube Feng Shui, or engaging in a full on Nerf gun battle siege. Designed by Robert Propst and known for a complete absence of individuality, cubicles were first introduced in 1967 as a way to subdivide open office space and provide workers with a degree of privacy.

The original headline of this print ad from The Great Indoors (R.I.P) is “There’s a place for people like you,” which we can assume in a land devoid of uniqueness like this stale office, is directed at the more design-conscious cube inhabitant. Quirky mousepad collectors need not apply! The great thing about this headline is that we assume the “place” it speaks of is the “store for those who love to decorate, redecorate, and remodel.” The problem is that the visual is so compelling on its own, that this is a case where it would be smarter to leave it out completely. Nonetheless, I gave it a few alternate takes that make it more cubicle-specific for our special day.

headlines_office02 headlines_office04 headlines_office03 headlines_office01