Happy Apple Watch Launch Day! As we eagerly await our delivery, we’ve been watching the three new 60-second spots released today, which do their best to display the features of the watch in a seamless montage of beautiful users using the device to wake up, exercise, and be in a relationship. But even at their most successful moments, they’re stretched. Still, we can’t wait to put these babies on our wrists!

“Rise” is the first ad, which shows how the watch is integrated into the morning routines of all the watch-wearers. You’ll see a guy hit the snooze button on his alarm clock, a woman misses her train, another turns on the lights of her shop, while another girl gulps down her coffee as she gets a calendar alert on her wrist.

Perhaps the most unconvincing ad, “Up,” shows how the watch encourages users to get up, stand up, and move around. From exercising athletes to people sitting in a train or at their desk, they use the watch as a hands-free reminder to “Stand up!” or monitor their fitness progress. It might work for a man riding his bike that doesn’t want to fish around for his iPhone in his pocket, but for a woman in a cubicle it just feels forced.

Finally, in “Us” we see how the watch fits into our relationships. A loved one receives a heartbeat on his wrist as he’s lying down on a hotel bed, gazing wistfully out the window. A woman is forlorn alone at a restaurant, rain pours down in sheets outside the window as she receives a text message, “I’m sorry.” You get the picture.