Ladies and gents, droids and Wookiees, start your engines. Your online dating game is about to get galactic.



Here’s hoping your mind tricks can make up for the fact you have to lie about your height on the Internet like a fool.


Nothing hotter than a steamy rebound with a space scoundrel.  We’ll save the Blaster innuendos for our private messaging.


Not looking for hookups, yet shamelessly posing in a wet metallic bikini? The Force is weak with you, Princess. And so are your mixed signals.



Two for the swipe of one! We’re pretty sure there’s a kinky app for that, but we’ll take what we can get.


Let’s hope he manscapes.


I’m pretty sure when a man wears a cape he is either wielding superpowers or he’s a vampire. In this case I will take either or both, because the money bag emoji. #Golddigger.