August is National S’mores Month and while little is more terrifying than one of our developers wielding an open flame in the O+O office, we still want to celebrate this special summer snack. So we asked around the team for their campfire memories, roasting methods, or favorite s’mores tips, tricks, and recipes (because there’s so much s’more to them than graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate).


The marshmallow has to actually ignite in order for it to char appropriately. It has to have a thin black layer of skin to case the gooey melted insides, so when you sandwich it between the crackers and chocolate, it doesn’t just splooge out everywhere. 



Toasted marshmallows are my jam. The best marshmallow is one that has been patiently roasted over an open flame for approximately 3-4 minutes, so that it browns evenly around the entire marshmallow. As an artist, I take my toasting very seriously.



In France, we do s’mores the best. It’s actually our nationally treasured secret. We prefer to take two Oreos apart, then place the marshmallow inside, with Nutella, and roast in the oven. 



Throughout my travels, I’ve discovered that the “inside out” s’more is the most desirable. The graham crackers are actually inside the marshmallow. To do this, you have to take a bowl of melted marshmallow or marshmallow fluff, and crumble the graham crackers into it and mix it thoroughly. Then you form mounds of marshmallow-graham crumbles, and pour melted chocolate over it on a cookie sheet and wait for the chocolate to harden. Trust me, this is the best way to experience a s’more. 



I prefer to use Reese’s Peanut Butter cups instead of the traditional go-to Hershey square. It just adds something unique.


Kwok Wai

I don’t need a campfire to roast my ‘mallows. I use my trusted kitchen torch to get them toasted fast, I don’t have time to wait. I don’t even have time to sandwich them into actually s’mores. I eat the graham crackers and chocolate separately. What? It’s all going to the same place.



I’m not a big heated marshmallow guy, I like cold marshmallows. It’s a texture thing for me. Actually, it might date back to my camping days as a kid where I hit a guy in the head with a rock during a rock fight and I wasn’t invited to the campfires so I ate marshmallows out of the bag on my bunk bed, cold and alone.