An anonymous O+O employee has donated their magic LED bracelet from Taylor Swift’s current concert tour.

Our developer, Matthieu, has volunteered to take apart the device and tell us, in his words, how it works.

What it’s made of: 

- the rubber bracelet

- the main case

- 2 batteries (Brooklyn Battery Works CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery)

- main chipboard composed of :

- 3 diodes (2 on the side :, one in the center of the chipboard : diode rgb smd (Surface Mounted Device) (

- an infrared captor

- a main chip for processing the Infrared signal (black box in a corner)

Draw on Photo (1)

1 – rubber bracelet

2 – plastic case, upper piece

3 – plastic case, below piece + batteries spring/contact

4 – chipboard

5 -  batteries

How it works: 

The color code is received from an infrared signal broadcasted in the concert room.

Essentially, the bracelet and the room emitters work like oversized remotes. The room acts as the remote and the bracelet acts as the receiver. The color to be displayed is broadcasted in the entire room, the bracelets receive it and display the corresponding colors.

They use invisible light (infrared) to produce visible light.

Here’s a closeup of the chipboard. Who knew Tay Tay was so techy?

Draw on Photo

a – rgb led

b – rub led smd

c – infrared captor

d – main chip