It’s that time of year again. Apple’s first Fall launch event is around the corner and the rumor mills are turning with info on the next iteration of the iPhones and more:

Here’s a list of predictions for the September 9th event.

- Names of the new iPhones will be the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+

- An impressive camera upgrade is in the works, possibly a 12MP cam (with a supped up front facing camera for… wait for it…Super Selfies!)

- Force Touch will makes its way to the new phones (Press harder!)

- A possible new color is coming…rose/gold anyone?

- More memory, 2GB or RAMola!

- New CPU (latest ARM)

- Support for 4k videos

Ok fine! Those are all, shall we say, safe bets. How ’bout taking some risk? We gotcha covered:

- Apple Original Content (Netflix & HULU beware!)

- Apple Car (Um, OK but why not buy Tesla?)

- Apple TV (You gotta thrown in this rumor for every Apple event.)

- iPad Pro (Because someone needs an even bigger and faster iPad)

- iPhone 6c (Phone 5c was such the hit!)

And lastly, my personal wish list…

- 24hrs of talk time AKA extended battery life

- Waterproof iPhones

- Saphire screens for iPhones

*Improved cell coverage in DTLA without any poor reception area

*Get rid of data overage cost

*Mobile video that doesn’t buffer

*Not Apple’s fault…I understand that.

That’s all folks. See ya September 9th!