Google. A simple search engine introduced in the late 90s has expanded over the years and has become a part of our everyday lives.

Last Tuesday, Google introduced a new logo that very much reflects this idea.


We see a logo that works well in constrained spaces making it more dynamic to its environment; a logo that at is simplest is playful, but undoubtedly strong. Their logo was updated from a serif type to a more contemporary san-serif. The logo itself is not 100% “perfect,” as you see the ‘e’ is still slanted, giving it some quirkiness without compromising its identifiable colors. It’s clean, modern, balanced, and kerned quite beautifully. To Google, the idea of interacting with their product and making it a part of our lives is where their ideas stem from.

There were some mixed feelings about the new identity, but some solid and positive reviews as well:

“Seeing the Google animation for the first time, I felt I was looking at a Paul Rand logo. The alternating primary colors, the name turning into a G and the playful pulsating dots, each by themselves recalled his Modern play principal. I don’t know how long it will be until the animation gets tiresome, but it is a pleasure to watch it going through its cycle now.” -Steve Heller

“I would change the name to Goo. It’s immediately recognizable and fits the technical criteria of taking up less space and reducing the bandwidth needed. Also: subhead: Goo / Holds the World together.” -Milton Glaser

And a simple: “This is really good.” by Michael Beirut.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 3.33.42 PM

The new identity is a step forward for Google as it’s no longer an old 90s-esque “desktop” logo, but simply an adaptable, portable, and technology-friendly identity. Hopefully we’ll see more from Google and its parent company, Alphabet in the years to come.