Something is buzzing abouts the Interwebs, and that is drunk people who think they are HILARIOUS. First there was that married couple’s video of them getting hammered, telling the story of how they first met, and hiring their friends to act it out a la “Drunk History” style. It went viral almost instantly, garnering a gazillion views in under three days.


Now, Buzzfeed posted a video of Shoshana Bean’s drunk narration of the musical that made her a household Broadway name, “Wicked.” It is what exactly you’d expect from a drunk musical theatre actress.

They say that death and terror come in threes (or something?) and we definitely don’t want to miss the train on the drunk lip synching trend, so tune in next week when we film a video segment for Tutorial Tuesday while intoxicated. We have a feeling it will be, like the videos above, <burn> pretty painful to watch and not that much different from our normal broadcast. </burn>