I’ll admit I’m not really into politics, and that can be stereotypically said of the majority of my millennial peers. Kids these days, amirite? We get our dose of current events from trending topics on Facebook and Saturday Night Live sketches. I don’t necessarily think that’s a terrible thing, though it is something annoying about social media culture. What I mean is, we’re so used to top-lining news stories and digesting content as quickly as possible. I’m surprised they’re not shortening the max amount of characters in a Tweet, it’s ridiculous how much of a story you can tell in such a tiny space. And hashtags make filing and categorizing them easy, convenient, and accessible. Plus, you get to read everyone’s opinion on it at a glance, which can have some value. It’s like everyone has a voice all of a sudden, and the news belongs to everyone, not to just the anchors on TV and major print publications.

We’ve even gotten so lazy we can’t even deal with meeting people in real life anymore, we have to swipe through their profile pictures like we’re flipping through a Cheesecake Factory Menu trying to decide what to order for lunch. Spoiler alert, nothing good is going to be under six thousand calories so you’re better off just going with random selection.

For those who can’t be bothered by delving into news articles or sitting through the debates comes Voter, the app that’s basically Tinder for presidential candidates. You answer important questions, and depending on your views, it narrows down which candidate you should vote for. We love to swipe. Something about the swiping mechanism is so satisfying. It’s fun, easy, and gets to the point, which is what we are all about. You start on Level 1, which is all the basic stuff like abortions, same sex marriage, marijuana, etc. and if there is an issue you’re on the fence about or you aren’t familiar with, tap the picture and you are given a brief run-down of what it’s all about. SIMPLE. You also get to choose how important the question is to you, so if you’re neutral about marijuana but not about abortion, this helps the app better understand you and helps you match you with a politician who shares your views. Level 2 is where it starts to get intense, there’s immigration, financial aid for foreign countries, and taxing the rich.

Voter is a pretty clever app for educating a demographic that might be less likely to register to vote. But will it? It’s hard to say. It is a totally different thing to download a free app and learn about important issues and uncover snapshots of political candidates than it would be to register and actually show up to vote in 2016. I know that my Facebook feed is pretty saturated with opinions, but know my friends well enough to know most might not care enough to cast a ballot. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate my friends. Is there a swiping app for that?

Voter in the App Store, and register to vote.