HAPPY SWEET 2016! With a bright shiny new year comes a clean canvas for all the things we want to resolve to do, quit, or begin. Need some ideas on resolutions? Keep reading!

Flo is resolving to give up cigarettes for good. She’s also going to work on being less judgmental, less stressed and she plans on practicing more yoga. Namaste, Flo!

Jeff is resolving to diversify his workouts at the gym and enroll in some group fitness classes like Zumba and Spin. Way to mix it up, Jeff!

Emma’s only resolution is “No Fear.” For those of us who know her know that a fearless ¬†2016 won’t be too far-fetched of a goal. She’s basically the human version of this crocodile punching cat.


Matthieu is resolving to also smoke less and get a full eight hours of sleep, on top of moving into his own place and adopting a rescue dog. Awww! That’s a resolution I can get behind.


Kwok Wai doesn’t believe in resolutions because he already kept all of his from last year and has nothing really left to improve on. Good for you, Kwok Wai!


Jo is resolving to read every single book in the office before organizing them in alphabetical order by author. Good luck, Jo!


Jess plans on losing weight, saving money, and trying to not hoard so much. “Lose, Save, Lose” sounds like a win-win-win to us! Go girl!


Alexis is resolving to save more money and learn a new language. She’s already downloaded the DuoLingo app.