Sometimes in life we endure real pain. Emotional, mental, or physical… but how we react to that pain is the ultimate test of the mind. Buddhism teaches peace for all, through a journey to happiness and enlightenment. It teaches us that these virtues dwell inside all of us, and it is up to us to unlock our nirvana.


Shaolin Kung Fu, one of the oldest styles of Chinese martial arts, was developed around 495 AD, when the Shaolin temple was built. The first Buddhist disciples had exceptional martial skills, and over time the monks of the temple developed their own methods of fighting. They became among the best warriors, focusing on strength of the mind. They practice many techniques enriching their endurance, balance, strength, and self defense. They are taught to endure pain and arrange their bodies into movements that are based in ancient Chinese medical knowledge.

It is believed that whatever their physical bodies can endure is symptomatic of the strength of their souls and minds. So whatever you’re going through out there, try quieting your mind and gather some inspiration from these amazing monks.


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