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First Look: Super Bowl XLVI Ads

Super Bowl Sunday: the strikers don’t strike on it. If there’s one event that embodies America, it’s certainly the National Football League’s yearly championship game. I personally enjoy football. I love watching games and playing them (on my Xbox 360), so I’m definitely a fan of the yearly festivities. But, as we all know, the Super Bowl has always been famous for its advertisements.
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Color of the Year: Pantone’s Zeitgeist Chroma

Pantone "color of the year" 2000 – 2012

Last month Pantone announced Tangerine Tango as the “color of the year” for 2012. Executive director of Pantone Leatrice Eiseman described the hue as “sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive.” Great, but what made Tangerine Tango a better choice than Passionate Purple? Or Bombastic Blue? Or Requiem Red? Well according to Pantone, the chosen color is meant to act as a guide through which our culture’s current zeitgeist is being channeled.
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