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Advertising: QR Codes Part 2: Pros and Cons

When there are pros, there are always cons. Quick Response codes can be a useful digital tool for some but they are not for everyone. In Part 2 of QR codes I’ll discuss the bright and not so bright sides of QR codes in relation to business marketing.
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Advertising: QR Codes Part 1: The Basics

In the last five days I’d estimate I’ve seen over fifteen QR codes throughout my day-to-day activities. I’ve seen them in magazines and on billboards and posters across industries like fashion, food and movies, among others. QR codes seem to be getting more and more creative as businesses, small and large, begin to integrate them into their media. I will cover QR codes in a three part blog series where I’ll first discuss the basics and of QR codes in relation to business marketing, the pros and drawbacks of QR codes and lastly, the growing creativity of the codes.
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