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Frozen – Kingdom Chocolatier

Kingdom Chocolatier
A poster from Disney’s Frozen showing off Arendelle’s chocolate. Looks like a treat.

Monsters University – Throwback Thursday

Monsters University - Throwback Thursday
The students at Monsters University started submitting their own Throwback Thursday pictures yesterday. Though Thursday has come and gone, you can submit your own Throwback Thursday picture to become part of an exclusive Monsters University collage over at Pixar’s Yahoo! Movies hub. In addition, you can follow the throwbacks on Twitter at #MonstersUTBT.

When you’re done, don’t forget to study up on your scaring over the weekend – we hear there’s a quiz next week.

Leap Motion Controller Unboxing

Today we received our Leap Motion Controller, a new motion detection product that allows you to control your computer in three dimensions with just hands and fingers. We’re excited about the possibilities we can dream up with the product and even more excited about starting to build them!

You can check out Leap Motion below:

[TUTORIAL] 3D Engines in Flash: How to Build a Room Using Away3D 4.0

It is common practice to use Flash to build 3D applications. For example, papervision3D is one of the most popular 3D engines that is widely supported and easy to use for this purpose. However, all of these 3D engines are CPU-based so they can be extremely slow in terms of performance. In Flash Player 11, stage3D API allows a hardware-accelerated architecture to bring 3D performance to the next level.
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Technology: iPad, Art, and New Technologies

iPad, Art, and New Technologies

As iPad’s market share increased by 0.8% in April (source here)┬ápeople are getting more and more inspired by it.
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