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Bokeh Inspired Tutorial

Bokeh is the blurred effect you see in a photo when things are out-of-focus. In certain cases where the out-of-focus area contains a lot of light and different colors, the blurriness can create an interesting aesthetic that is pretty to look at. Bokeh has made its way from photos to the digital space as made evident by an abundance of bokeh-inspired wallpapers available for desktops and mobile phones. Here are some examples of bokeh in photography: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, Example 5.

The goal of this tutorial is to create an abstract bokeh-inspired wallpaper like the one displayed above.
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[TUTORIAL] 3D Engines in Flash: How to Build a Room Using Away3D 4.0

It is common practice to use Flash to build 3D applications. For example, papervision3D is one of the most popular 3D engines that is widely supported and easy to use for this purpose. However, all of these 3D engines are CPU-based so they can be extremely slow in terms of performance. In Flash Player 11, stage3D API allows a hardware-accelerated architecture to bring 3D performance to the next level.
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Resources: Type Foundries Online

If you’re looking for a fresh font for a specific project or to impart an identity on a brand, you want to find something that is functional but distinctly grabs the eye. Here are some online type foundries that offer fonts that can help you to achieve that bold effect.
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Branding: Brand Identity Flags


Much like a country’s flag, a brand’s identity is supposed to represent the brand as a whole. Looking at some of the most recognizable brand identities, one of the things that stands out the most is the colors that are used. Why were these colors chosen? What do the colors mean? What do they mean to the company? These are some important questions to ask when considering which colors should represent a brand. In this entry, 16 brand identities were turned into flags to represent each brand as if they were countries. The prevalence of each color was taken into consideration in making these flags.
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