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April Fools’ Across the Internet

April Fools'
It’s the one day of the year when it’s A-OK to replace your co-worker’s desktop background with wacky pictures and tech companies show off their senses of humor. Here are our favorite pranks from April Fools’.
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Why Snickers’ AdWords Campaign Nailed It

Last month, Snickers launched a campaign through AMV BBDO that bought out misspelled Google search terms and served ads that reminded them they can’t spell properly when they’re hungry. The campaign, besides being funny, is a slam dunk for various reasons and serves as a good reminder of what creatives should strive for.
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Mobile Campaigns: A List of Networks

If you’re thinking about running a mobile campaign and don’t know where to start, here is a list of mobile networks that you might consider running your campaign on. Here is the list in alphabetical order to help you get some footing.
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Resources: Google Grants for Nonprofits

Google AdWords are a great way to get your website and consequently your product and service noticed. Google AdWords are advertisements that appear on the right hand side of a Google search when relevant keywords are used in a search. Individuals and businesses have to pay to appear during these searches, but did you know that nonprofit organizations can apply for AdWords free of charge?
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