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Office Picks – March Madness

Well, March Madness is here and so is another round of office music picks. This time around things are quite varied, so we hope you enjoy the wide selection and find something that you enjoy.
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Who Would Have Thought?

(Above) Art piece by Martin Pyper using nails and string.

When you look around the room you are in right now, how many items do you see? How many of these items do you find useful? Can that stapler be used to do something more than attach papers together? Can that pen do more than write? Sometimes we are so comfortable with our surroundings that we don’t notice things that were there all along, and sometimes we are so used to using objects for what they were made to be used for that we don’t see other possible uses for them. This is unfortunate, as beautiful and amazing things can be made when imagination is the only limitation. This entry showcases a selection of artists who have thought beyond the stapler and the pen. Their work displays what is possible when we “think outside of the box.”

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