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Inspiration from Ira Glass

I came across this inspiring little video shortly after the New Year and it completely blew me away. It features an excerpt from an interview featuring Ira Glass, the host and producer of the wonderful radio show “This American Life” on NPR.  In the interview, Glass offers up some sound advice for someone starting out in broadcast journalism, but his words will resonate with anyone working in a creative field. As a graphic designer, this short video hit me pretty hard and it perfectly encapsulates how I feel towards my own work.  Oh, and the motion graphics and typography are pretty slick, too!

Frozen – Kingdom Chocolatier

Kingdom Chocolatier
A poster from Disney’s Frozen showing off Arendelle’s chocolate. Looks like a treat.

Frozen’s Arendelle Travel Poster

Arendelle Travel Poster
Check out this awesome vintage poster for Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen, hitting theaters November 27th!

Reservoir Dogs in Under Six Seconds

This is what Reservoir Dogs looks like when you subtract 98 minutes and 54 seconds. Click above to hear our award winning Vine sound engineers at work.

Monsters University – Throwback Thursday

Monsters University - Throwback Thursday
The students at Monsters University started submitting their own Throwback Thursday pictures yesterday. Though Thursday has come and gone, you can submit your own Throwback Thursday picture to become part of an exclusive Monsters University collage over at Pixar’s Yahoo! Movies hub. In addition, you can follow the throwbacks on Twitter at #MonstersUTBT.

When you’re done, don’t forget to study up on your scaring over the weekend – we hear there’s a quiz next week.

Wreck-It Ralph’s Early Digital Release

Wreck-It Ralph
Last week, Disney put out Wreck-It Ralph in an unprecedented early digital release. You can enjoy the film on most platforms, so get wrecking.

Finding Nemo 3D – Paper Art

For Finding Nemo 3D’s release tomorrow, we created some paper art of some famous characters from the film! Hope you enjoy.
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Pantone Swatches – Finding Nemo 3D

Pantone Swatches - Finding Nemo 3D
Finding Nemo 3D is coming out Friday, September 14th! To celebrate, here are swatches for some of the colorful cast. Remember, fish are friends, not food.
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Childhood Pantone Swatch – Pokemon Edition

Pokemon Swatch
Here’s another addition to my collection of cartoon swatches. This time I’ve decided to make swatches of my favorite Pokemon characters.
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The Source Filmmaker: A Preview

Yesterday, Valve introduced the Source Filmmaker, a tool for creating movies using the Source engine as the set and studio. The tool allows digital directors to animate characters, set up camera angles, and realistically recreate dialogue using the program. As they put it, you get all of the “lights, camera, and action” except you can do the whole process in reverse, which they believe is actually more effective.
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