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4 HTML5 APIs to Improve Your Web Apps

The HTML5 revolution has brought many useful tools and new APIs with it, but despite new features being implemented in modern browsers, many developers are still unaware of some of those gems. In this post we will take a look at 4 APIs that will help you build web applications more efficiently and offer better user experiences, especially on mobile. As you’ll see, support for these features is more widespread than you might think!
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Learn Some Programming

Programming is a huge part of advertising – it’s how we turn great creative concepts into digital reality. I was inspired by this post from Jon Evans of TrackMaven to create a list of resources for people who might want to learn a little bit of programming. Check out Jon’s blog to see a few reasons why it might be helpful – I imagine you’ll find them as convincing as I did.
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[TUTORIAL] How to Build an Echo SMS Server Using Twilio API

Twilio is a SMS/Voice gateway that allows us to turn our app easily into a voice and SMS app without dealing with the service provider.
For instance, when a user text messages or calls the Twilio number, Twilio will make a request to your application and interact with the user based on the output of your application.
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[TUTORIAL] Making Use of APIs

When I think of APIs, I see them as magical and amazing tools. There are more and more APIs made available by services on the web such as the Google Maps API, the Facebook API, the Twitter API, the Tumblr API, to name a few.
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[TUTORIAL] Five Tricks to Get Facebook Content Working in Flash – Part 1

Five Tricks to get Facebook Content Working in Flash – Part 1

Setting up a Facebook Application on Facebook is necessary to pull content from Facebook. Facebook will give you a Facebook App ID for permission to access their API.
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