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TUTORIAL TUESDAY : Implement localization in your Swift Application

Hey everyone! I’m the new Romaine and today I’m gonna teach you how to implement localization in your Swift app. Let’s get started by creating a new Project for our tutorial.


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Hands on with Destiny’s Companion App

Destiny, Bungie‘s ambitious sci-fi shooter is a few weeks old. The monster release was not without its problems, but overall, the game appears to be a smash hit, bringing in over $325 million in sales in its first five days. One of Destiny’s largest features, if you’re inclined to call it that, is the extensive lore and extra options that are available online at Bungie.net and in its native apps for iOS and Android. While no means necessary for playing the game, the Destiny companion apps provide an extra layer of interactivity in the world of Destiny. In this post, we’ll take a look at the utility of Destiny’s companion app for both users and Bungie.
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ShareKit – iOS Sharing Made Easy

Here’s a cool tool for iOS development. Nate Weiner of Idea Shower created ShareKit to help developers add sharing capabilities to apps with just 3 lines of code. You can customize the code for your needs, but the best part about ShareKit is that its completely free to use in any app under the MIT Open Source License.

You can find ShareKit on GitHub or check it out on the ShareKit website.

You can also find Nate Weiner on Twitter or check out his site.

[TUTORIAL] Create a Subversion with Xcode 4

Hi everybody,

I just started to work with Xcode and trying to add a Subversion folder was a pain. So I decided to write about it and describe all the steps in order to help other people who have to set up a Subversion in Xcode.

Note that if you don’t have any Subversion software or package installed on your Mac you can download the free Subversion Mac OS X package.
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