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Hands on with Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass
At E3, I was wowed by a demonstration of Microsoft’s SmartGlass. The application brought a second screen to the Xbox 360 experience, offering an alternative way to control the device through the use of a smartphone. About 5 months later, Smartglass has arrived. Earlier this week I had a chance to play around with it. How does it stack up to the demonstration I saw? Read on to find out.
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[TUTORIAL] How to Build an Echo SMS Server Using Twilio API

Twilio is a SMS/Voice gateway that allows us to turn our app easily into a voice and SMS app without dealing with the service provider.
For instance, when a user text messages or calls the Twilio number, Twilio will make a request to your application and interact with the user based on the output of your application.
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Facebook f8 2011 – A Quick Guide For Marketers

As you’re probably aware by now, Facebook announced some pretty drastic changes to their platform at f8 last week. While some are hailing it as visionary and others are decrying it as invasive, I thought I’d write a quick summary of what these changes mean to people who work in the advertising space and how projects both past and future might be affected.
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[TUTORIAL] Five Tricks to Get Facebook Content Working in Flash – Part 1

Five Tricks to get Facebook Content Working in Flash – Part 1

Setting up a Facebook Application on Facebook is necessary to pull content from Facebook. Facebook will give you a Facebook App ID for permission to access their API.
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