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D&AD New Blood Awards

D&AD New Blood Awards
A while back, we mentioned the One Show Young Ones student award show as a good way to exercise your advertising brain. If you’re looking to get into the creative game, the D&AD New Blood awards are also a great chance to show off your work. Although submissions opened in February, you can submit up until March 19th – just be wary of the different time zone. Check out the briefs here, and good luck to everyone chasing a Pencil!

Oh, and here’s their way of explaining why you should enter.

WTF is My Award Idea?

WTF is My Award Idea?
Need some last minute inspiration for awards season? Look no further.
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The One Show Young Ones: 2014

The Young Ones
The One Show professional deadline is coming up on January 31st, but for all the young copywriters and art directors out there, the One Show Young Ones Competition is accepting entries until March 7th.

There are two briefs this year. The first is for Organic, a fashion brand by John Patrick. The second is an open call for saving the arts. The brief says you can choose (or create) any brand or cause that fits the bill. You can download both creative briefs here.
Young Ones

Best of luck to all participants!

Billboards: 3 Simple Rules

Billboard Main
I live in Los Angeles. For better or for worse, I spend a large portion of my time in my car. When you drive a lot, you see a lot of billboards. When you see a lot of billboards, you forget most of them. What is the last billboard you can remember seeing? Do you remember the product? Do you remember what the product does? Every day when I drive I take note of the billboards on my route (safely, of course) and think about what’s working for them and what isn’t. I’ve collected my thoughts and some advice I’ve been given on the art of writing them in this post, which I hope you find helpful.
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DDB’s Impact on the Creative Revolution

With the new season of Mad Men back on AMC, it’s only natural for advertising enthusiasts to take a look at the Creative Revolution of the 1960’s. Advertising in the sixties shaped the advertising industry into the practice used today. Doyle Dane Bernbach was the industry leader in advertising in the 1960s because William Bernbach, the creative mind behind DDB, introduced a different technique for creativity in the sixties that had not been seen before. This is what was known as the Creative Revolution (Dobrow, 1984).
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